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7 Home Remodeling Tips to Increase Your Home Value

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 open concept kitchen

You’ve had your home for a year or two and it’s time for some updates. Do you know which home remodeling projects will increase your home value? Even if you’re not looking to sell your house right now, it can be excellent future planning for when that time comes. We took some time to see which home renovations increase the value of your home and make your house feel like home.


The kitchen is one of the first places people look at to make renovations and it has a high potential of increasing your home value. There are many projects you can undertake to upgrade a kitchen, but keep in mind not to go overboard. Some have found that remodeling a historic kitchen into a modern masterpiece does not increase their home value when it clashes with the rest of the house and the neighborhood. It’s the small things that can make all the difference.

New Countertops – If your current kitchen has laminate countertops or the countertops look outdated, consider updating to stone or quartz countertops. Although granite and marble are prestigious, there are other high-quality options to choose from, such as soapstone or quartz. In this small kitchen remodel, we chose Caledonia granite countertops to give the space an elegant feeling. The multi-colored granite matched beautifully with the small-tiled backsplash, bringing the space together.

Storage Options – Another important kitchen feature that can be overlooked is storage. It won’t matter if your kitchen is stunning if you have no where to place your pots and pans. Especially in small kitchens, storage is king. We were able to add more storage to this kitchen by adding shallow depth cabinets and incorporating pull-out trays in the cabinets. We also included sponge trays by the sink for easy access and clean storage.

 Small kitchen space with grey brown counters

 Storage in a kitchen


The next popular renovation area is the bathroom. Whether it’s the guest bathroom, master bathroom, or adding a bathroom, it’s difficult to go wrong with this remodeling project. Two areas that are important to consider are the vanity and shower.

Double Vanities – It’s crucial to have adequate room in your bathroom for your toothbrush, hairbrush, and all other grooming essentials. If your bathroom has the space, consider putting in a double vanity to increase the counter space and accommodate more than one person. In this bathroom remodel, we gave the homeowners a double vanity with a lowered space between them for applying makeup or other detailed grooming habits.

Spacious Shower – Another benefit to a bathroom is a well-designed shower. While some people prefer tubs, a shower, especially one with a seat, is more functional and accessible to a wider variety of people. For this project, we removed the outdated tub and added a luxurious shower with pebble floors. The shower has a seated area for more accessibility and a removable shower wand.

 Bathroom with double vanities

 Renovated shower

Open Concept

A current trend in home remodels is creating an open concept, particularly between the kitchen and living room. This allows homeowners to easily entertain guests while they cook or keep an eye on the kids while making a snack. Making two rooms into one room may sound like a large project but usually it comes down to taking out one wall or creating a half wall. For this project, we were able to create a window from the kitchen to the living room. This allowed for an extra breakfast bar and more storage options, as well as opening the space.

 Kitchen with half wall breakfast bar

 open concept kitchen

Finished Basement

If you have an unfinished space in your house, this is another project that could help increase your home values. Basements are notorious for being a little rough – consider turning it into a space people want to use. The homeowners in this basement project asked us to help them make their basement into a functional apartment space. We were able to add granite counters, built-in shelves, and high-end appliances, making this a basement anyone would want to use.

 Finished basement with kitchenette

 Finished basement with built in shelves

Screened Porch

The last remodeling project on our list that can help increase home value is a new addition. Especially in North Carolina, a screened porch can be the best place to spend a warm evening. For these homeowners, we built a screened porch to keep the heat and bugs at bay. With removable screens and a large fan, the homeowners could create a comfortable breeze during the hottest months or easily repair any tears in the screen. With views all around the space and onto their exterior deck, this family can enjoy summer evenings in this oasis away from the bugs.

 screened porch interior

 Screened porch exterior

Remodeling projects can be intimidating but they don’t have to be when you work with CQC Home. We strive to help you build and create a beautiful home – even if it’s in preparation to sell. Check out more of our projects by visiting our kitchenbathroomaddition, and whole home renovation galleries. CQC Home has helped homeowners in RaleighDurhamChapel Hill, and Cary remodel and renovate homes, exactly the way they want it. Let us help you create your dream home today.