Exterior Living Space with a Screened Porch for Outdoor Bliss

The first item on anyone’s “wish list” for a house in North Carolina, should be an exterior living space with a screened porch. It can no longer be considered a luxury, it’s a necessity! The mosquitoes are right out of Jumanji. Not only does it keep the heat at bay, but those pesky bugs as well! This particular client’s property butted up to the edge of a large wooded lot, which was perfect for privacy. But with the “woods” came the perfect nesting grounds for all kinds of critters. The new screened porch provides the perfect exterior living space with views all around, but none of the bug bites or scratching. It’s like an adult tree house.

For this design, we used removable screens. We provide a 2 year warranty and should there ever be a tear in a screen, it’s a quick and simple fix. Easy maintenance is our goal. The original exterior deck was showing signs of water damage and was no longer a safe structure. We took it down and added a French door for easier entry to the space. Our design team worked together with the homeowner’s from the inspiration photos, incorporating some fun options. For that reason, we used bead-board ceilings with exposed beam work, truly a Pinterest worthy design.

Style: Transitional

Project Specs:

  • French Door for Porch Entryway
  • Satin Nickel Door Lever
  • Custom Ceiling Fan
  • Cathedral Beadboard Ceiling
  • Fanimation Ceiling Fan
  • Horizontal Handrails
  • Lower Entertaining Deck Area
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