Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in Durham

Kitchen remodeling is a worthwhile investment for any home. In addition to adding more space, functionality, and style to your kitchen, remodeling can also increase your property value. We’re kitchen Remodeling contractor Durham,  Our team of designers and contractors will work with you through the entire process: from the design concept to implementation

A Kitchen Customized for Your Lifestyle

We design your new kitchen based on your needs and style. Our goal is to make the vision you have for your kitchen into reality. You may have specific wish list items for your new kitchen like more storage space, gas range stove, or removing walls to create an open concept area. To get ideas for your perfect kitchen we recommend looking online for examples that you love and even taking a look previous kitchen remodel projects we’ve done in our kitchen gallery. Here are some common questions homeowners should ask themselves when considering a home remodel:

  • Why do I want to renovate my kitchen?
  • Is it more important for my kitchen to be a family friendly space, entertaining space, or a gourmet kitchen space?
  • What things do I like about my kitchen?
  • What do I dislike about my kitchen?
  • What are some of the things that I must have in a new kitchen?

Our Kitchen Renovation Process

Remodeling a kitchen can seem like an overwhelming and daunting task. In addition to setting a budget and defining your personal style there are countless decisions to make regarding cabinetry, storage, appliances, flooring, lighting, floor plan, and plumbing. We’ve created a streamlined process to alleviate the stress and uncertainty some homeowners feel when tackling a project.

Our five-step remodeling process starts once you inquire about a kitchen remodel. The first phase is the exploration phase. We want you to be excited about the project and confident in your choice to work with CQC Home. We encourage customers to research our company and read the reviews available online via Houzz, Google, Facebook, and other review sites. During this time, we will also interview you to understand the scope of the project and your needs. If we both decide to move forward with the project, we move onto the next phase.

During the design phase, we will measure your home and address your requirements for your new kitchen. Then, our interior designer will create three 3D models of your new kitchen for you to choose room. We also invite you to our showroom to pick out the materials and finishes for your project. After designs are done we move to the refine stage in which we finalize the materials and design.

Once everything is finalized and permits have been granted, we start construction. Each and

every member of our team treats your home with respect. We protect the areas that will not be a part of the project with barriers to keep debris contained to the construction site. We also run a HEPA air filter to help keep the air in your home clean and safe. During the construction of your kitchen, you will receive regular updates about our progress. After the construction phase is over there’s nothing left to do but to enjoy your new kitchen.

Our Kitchen Remodeling & Renovation Services in Durham

Our design and construction teams are ready to handle your project, no matter how big. We’ve remodeled many kitchens throughout the Triangle area. Our services range from typical installations to custom work.

Kitchen Restructuring

An efficient and well-executed floor plan is incredibly important for your new kitchen. Kitchens should be easy to navigate and provide close access to everything you need while cooking or entertaining. If your kitchen is small or closed off from the rest of your home, you may want to restructure your kitchen during renovations to allow for more space or an open floor plan.

Cabinets and Countertops

Whether you want to breathe life back into your old cabinets or install completely new ones, we have you covered. We offer a variety of cabinet services like custom cabinetry as well as re-staining and refacing your current cabinets. Our team also installs your cabinet hardware like hinges and knobs.

There are many options available for kitchen countertops. We can help you pick the best countertop for you based on your budget and preferences. When you visit our showroom, we will show you the countertop options available. Countertop options include laminate, marble, travertine, and granite.


If you’re considering replacing the flooring in your kitchen there are several options available. Most homeowners choose wood, tile or laminate flooring. These types of flooring are perfect for your kitchen because they are durable and easy to clean.

Backsplash Installation

Add a splash of personal style to your kitchen with a backsplash. Backsplashes are a great way to add a unique and fun element to your kitchen. We can tie in elements of your backsplash into other areas of your kitchen and even use a flooring that matches your new backsplash.

Kitchen Island Installation

Kitchen islands are one of the most popular features for renovated kitchens. We can design and install a custom kitchen island for your home. Kitchen islands add more storage, counterspace, and seating options.

Electricity & Plumbing

Changing your kitchen floorplan or replacing outdated appliances may require electric and plumbing work. Our experienced construction team can handle any rewiring and plumbing changes we need to complete your kitchen remodeling project.

How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost?

The cost of a kitchen renovation is determined on a project by project basis. Some of the factors involved with pricing are the size of the kitchen, finishes chosen by the client, and custom cabinetry. Based on the current condition of your kitchen, electrical and plumbing changes may be needed. If you’d like to start planning a budget for your kitchen remodel, check out our pricing guide. You can also find examples of projects from varying budgets on our kitchen gallery.

Kitchen Remodeling Tips

There are some things you can do to make the kitchen renovation process easier.

  • Do your research before choosing a remodeling company to work with. It’s important to work with a licensed and experienced general contractor that can provide referrals and examples of previous work.
  • We also recommend identifying the elements of a kitchen that are most important to you.
  • If you would like to, research kitchen remodels so that you can provide kitchen design ideas to the designer.
  • Set a budget for your project, view our pricing guide to get a better understanding of the costs involved with a kitchen remodel.

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CQC home is an award-winning remodeling company serving the Triangle area. We’re a proud, passionate and loyal member of our local community. Our company’s mission is to tangibly improve the lives of our customers and employees.