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Top 3 Kitchen Trends According to Houzz for 2022


 modern kitchen interior design

Recent surveys of homeowners have learned that kitchen remodeling projects are currently at a 4 year high in popularity. According to Houzz, homeowners are most eager to invest in countertops, modern appliances, and islands when preparing for a kitchen remodel in 2022. But let’s dig a little deeper.

Investing in Countertops

 Home bar with granite counter top

Countertops are the most important part of a kitchen renovation. Houzz reports that nine out of ten homeowners improve their countertops somehow. Quartz and granite are typically used as countertop materials. Butcher blocks and wood slabs are the most popular materials for an island countertop to contrast with other countertops in the kitchen.

High-Tech Appliances

 Luxury kitchen with white cabinets

Second, the appliances are on the list of things to upgrade in a kitchen remodel. Increasing numbers of appliances are receiving high-tech features. The most popular features are wireless and smartphone controls. Everything needs to be compatible with mobile devices.

Islands Are the New Work Desks

 two pendant lights hang over kitchen island

Kitchen islands are becoming more and more popular as workspaces, for kids’ schoolwork, or arts and crafts. They’re getting bigger as more people use them. Roughly two of every five islands are seven to eight feet tall, and many of them are lighted by top fixtures.

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