For the month of September CQC hosted a 30 day challenge to our family, friends, clients, and all those in between.

We had an incredible showing of love and generosity for everyone who joined in. We received several emails for those who had been blessed by a “random act of kindness”. They were filled with love, hope, and encouragement. We even had a few people start joining in simply from someone else including them on one of their own random acts!

Our community was changed and I will forever be thankful for the change in my own family, especially our 7 year old daughter who got to see all the pictures! She still reminds me that even though the challenge is done, we need to kind to others 🙂

Our grand prize winner is Kristi Lynn.

Some of our favorites!

Day 2 of the kindness challenge: Took out the trash for a neighbor in my apartment complex that I’ve never met! He was a little taken aback that I’d be trying to take his garbage bags from him so I explained I was just paying it forward. He said he’d be sure to do the same!

Day 3 of the Kindness Challenge: Took my favorite, very well loved book and left it on the table at a book store coffee shop with a message.

Day 8 of the Kindness Challenge: Took all my coupons (whether I needed them or not) and went on a scavenger hunt, taping them to all the items. I saw one lady with the Tide bottle in her cart, coupon attached!

Day 21 of the Kindness Challenge: Made Chemo Care Packages to donate to the Duke Cancer Center for patients who are about to start chemotherapy.

Day 29 of the Kindness Challenge (part 2, since I missed Saturday for moving day): Took these flowers and prayer card to the Ronald McDonald house this evening. I asked the lady to give them to someone in particular who needed a warm wish that day. She was thrilled! She wanted me to fill out a donor card which at first I didn’t want to do telling her “it’s not much” and she told me “these little random acts are sometimes the things we need the most!” I gladly filled out the donor card and signed up to volunteer in the future!

Day 30 of the Kindness Challenge: Bought 3 dozen doughnuts! I took 2 to the staff at Haven House who work hard every day to change the lives of struggling youth and their families in our community! I took the 3rd box to Wrenn House (their homeless, run-away, and crisis intervention youth shelter) for the kids who are currently staying there.

While we didn’t post all of her random acts these were one’s that stood out for creativity, effort, and showing complete strangers kindness.

Ronald McDonald House said it perfectly: “these little random acts are sometimes the things we need the most!”

We hope that these ideas encourage you to share your gifts of talent and hospitality with those in your community. It might be just what they need the most.

Thank you again to all those who participated and volunteered their time, efforts, money, smiles, encouraging words to those in your community.

Learn more about CQC’s dedication to community with our Six C’s.