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Why Now Is The Best Time To Upgrade Your Outdoor Space


The time that we are currently living is pretty surreal, isn’t it? Who would have imagined a year ago that we would be dealing with an international pandemic? Nevertheless, most of us now find ourselves trying to figure out how to adapt and overcome while facing COVID-19. While many adults have switched to working from home and parents are trying to homeschool their kids, one thing that seems to be a saving grace for all of us is spending time outdoors.

We are very fortunate to live in the Triangle area of North Carolina, where many of us have access to ample outdoor space while still keeping a safe social distance. Many homes have larger backyards, screen porches, and patios. But maybe that is not the case for you. Maybe spending all this time at home has made you realize that you have neglected your outdoor space. Maybe when you stare out your back windows, you think about how much more you would enjoy that backyard if it had a nice patio and fire pit so your family could enjoy s’mores after a long day cooped up inside. Or maybe homeschool would sound more appealing if you could do it as a gentle breeze passed through a new screened-in porch. 

Now Is The Time To Enjoy Your Outdoor Space

If you have been thinking about upgrading your outdoor space, but are not sure that this is the right time, please let us reassure you. Now is the perfect time to make improvements to outdoor living spaces. There are many reasons why now is a good time to consider outdoor home improvements, but we have gathered a few that we feel are the most compelling. 

Being Outside Is Good For Your Mental Health

Living in a time of pandemic is scary. There have been many discussions and news stories about what living through a public health crisis like COVID-19 could do to a person’s mental health. This is particularly a concern for those who live in urban areas and have a harder time being outside because it is harder to social distance. 

Studies have shown that nature has a positive impact on mental health. Being outside is good for our overall well being. There is a reason that our mothers always told us to go play outside (beyond the fact we may have been driving them a bit crazy).

Enjoy Your Space More + Increase The Value Of Your Home

If you are stuck at home, you may as well be enjoying your space. Now is a great time to focus on home improvements that will help you enjoy your living environment even after quarantine is over. Plus, did you know that outdoor home improvements may actually increase your home value? 

It’s true. Enhancing your home with new additions like a deck, a screened-in porch or a patio with a fireplace can increase the appraisal value and potential interest from buyers down the road. Sounds like an excellent reason to make an investment in both your space and your daily routine.

Eventually Social Distancing Will End

As we all continue to do our part with social distancing, the virus will begin to slow, and eventually we will be able to once again have social gatherings. Don’t wait until everyone is trying to get their home ready to throw a celebratory garden party. Now is the time to work on outdoor upgrades so that you can enjoy spending time outside with your friends and family when this is all over. 

How To Keep Your Family Safe During Outdoor Home Projects

Outdoor renovations make it a little easier to manage social distancing with contractors and workers. However, whether inside or outside, there are many steps that can be taken to ensure that both homeowners and construction workers stay safe and healthy. 

At CQC Home, we are taking all necessary precautions to keep our team and our clients safe. Safety is always a number one priority on any of our projects and that philosophy certainly extends to times of health crisis.

If you are ready to get started on an outdoor renovation project, we would love to talk