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Who Will Design Your Space?


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Is Your Contractor a Designer?

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Many contractors are not designers, even though they have the necessary tools and materials to create new designs. Before starting any renovation projects in your kitchen or bathroom, plan about the cabinetry, fixtures, and appliances involved. Ask your contractor to bring you previous projects so he can show you examples of their work.

If a project goes beyond your contractor’s design capabilities, you’re prone to encounter numerous delays, cost overruns, and frustrations. We know many people that share their contractor’s design stories that went wrong. 

If your contractor is not a professional designer, your project will probably be too complex for him. If you want your job done well, you might require an architect, interior designer, or kitchen designer. Including these parts in the proposal can increase the contractor’s bid by hundreds of dollars. But these extra charges are well worth the money to avoid costly mistakes.

The CQC Method

 CQC Home Process

We are a full-service design/build company, which means we have in-house architects, interior designers, and kitchen designers. We believe a successful project begins with a comprehensive space plan that meets your goals. Once we’ve agreed on the key design elements, we will make you a Personal Cost Proposal. It’s got some cool benefits:

  • It’s easy to see how each part of the project is connected and how they all work together to make your room special.
  • As we choose the materials and know-how they’ll go, we can price the project down. It allows you to identify how much the project will cost at the start, allowing you to compare budgets to accept the most affordable offer.
  • All the components for the project can be ordered before the scheduled time, ensuring that everyone is productive. That way, the job gets done on time.
  • All team members know what to do, so communication is clear.

After the design phase, we make three copies of a complete set of blueprints and instructions. The homeowner gets a copy, the Project Manager gets a copy, and the office keeps a copy for questions during installation. These will help the project stay on schedule.

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