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Meet our Team: Justin Walker Safety Coordinator


Justin Walker OSHA authorized trainer and our Safety Officer

Our goal at CQC Home is to break the mold of standard remodeling companies. We are constantly looking for ways to be the best company to work for.

We encourage our employees to come to us with concerns and ideas. And we’re thrilled that Justin Walker saw a need and stepped up to fill it.

Justin Walker is a visionary problem-solver.  He is unique in his ability to identify common issues & behaviors that need addressing, but creating change and buy-in through confident, kind, and firm persuasion.

He is young, but he has a wisdom that manifests as intuitive pacing, using humor and enlisting reinforcement without ego. He can envision how to keep our staff of almost 30 full-time workers and clients safe and create the policies and processes to operate a high-end, very busy remodeling company.

Justin was still a very new employee at CQC Home when he approached leadership about the need for a more robust safety program.

He proposed that he would research the next steps to become the CQC safety officer, but that also he would be glad to go through an additional week of training to become a trainer – not just for CQC Home, but as a community service and a revenue generator with the HBA, Community Colleges and with both industry partners & affiliates.

He quickly became authorized in the OSHA Outreach Program as a trainer for 10 and 30 hour courses.

It was a very involved task to sift through OSHA’s robust materials and create a program specifically for residential remodeling.

CQC Home company "safety" colors

He has a goal for 2016– well underway as of 1/2016– for every single production staff member at CQC Home to carry a 10 hour OSHA certificate. He visits job sites and makes sure that everyone is working safely. This has increased our efficiency, productivity and the confidence of our staff. He expressed awareness that he may not be the most popular staff for awhile, but because he is already so well-liked and respected he has very little pushback.  Leadership is thrilled!

In 2015, we went from 15 employees to 30. This growth was a wonderful reflection of CQC’s success, but to grow smart we focused on fine-tuning our business practices.  Creating more targeted leadership positions with natural leaders like Justin was a no-brainer. What took leadership by surprise was how entrepreneurial and mature Justin’s vision was. He has a natural ability to simultaneously problem solve for immediate needs while crafting long-term goals and best practices & policies for our imminent growth.