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Eye-Catching Wall Treatments to Transform Any Space


 Colorful tile kitchen

You can envision your newly remodeled home with a larger kitchen, upgraded bathrooms, and innovative flooring, but did you include your walls as part of your design? Establish a focal point and bring your rooms together with the clever use of wall treatments. Whether you are doing a renovation or you just want to spruce up a space, look no further than your walls.

Transform Your Home with Accent Walls

While solid painted accent walls have been a staple with designers for years, just placing a darker color shade on one wall is outdated. Forbes reports that, now, designers and homeowners are looking for colorful and playful designs. Instead of opening a can of paint, get creative with different colors, textures, and materials.

Artwork, Mirrors, and Photographs. Draw your guests’ attention to a wall filled with a montage of your favorite pictures and paintings. Catch their eye by including an ornate mirror in the middle of a gallery wall. Symmetrical groupings of similar shapes or sizes bring a more formal touch to dining rooms; whereas, asymmetrical wall groupings can be a playful and casual addition to your rec room. Showcase that prized painting, and complement your furniture at the same time, by using it to fill the large, rectangular space above your sofa.

Brighten and enlarge any room with mirrors. Dramatically change your space by leaning an over-sized mirror against a windowless wall, or highlight the decorative pieces on your mantle by hanging a mirror over your fireplace. Placed opposite a window, a mirror can reflect the light and landscape for a stunning effect. Choose a frame, from rustic to formal, to match your style.

Fretwork Wall Panels. While fretwork or scrollwork – ornamental, interlaced wood design – has adorned building exteriors for years, fretwork panels are becoming a popular site inside homes. Fretwork patterns are trendy, chic and versatile, and are compatible with all styles of décor.

The three-dimensional wall panels come in an endless array of patterns (filigree, geometric, arches, scroll, Moroccan) and material (wood, metal, PVC) that bring a striking visual effect to any room. Be creative and use panels the same color as the background wall or with contrasting colors; include mirrors within the design to brighten a bathroom; or, go rustic with wooden panels around your fireplace.

Tile. Tiles aren’t just for bathroom floors and kitchen backsplashes anymore. You can create a beautiful feature wall in your bath, kitchen, or any other room in the house with today’s versatile styles. Integrate your design tastes with tile that can be made to look like virtually anything, including stone and wood, or with bright and bold colors. Create a ‘brick’ wall in your living room or kitchen, use pebble tiles on a bathroom wall, and use durable tiles that pop with color in your children’s playroom. Tile accent walls are ideal for high-moisture areas in your house.

Wallpaper. Create the perfect atmosphere anywhere in your house by using wallpaper to create an accent wall. Use florals in the kitchen or bedroom, or choose bold designs or patterns in the game room or hallway. Today’s wallpaper styles include choices from country to elegant to give you countless options when creating a focal point. Afraid to commit to a style? Try removable wallpaper as a semi-permanent solution.

Get Funky with Crafty Options

Let your imagination be your guide by decorating your walls with crafty items. Turn to Pinterest for ideas on how to use colorful washi tape, fabric, tapestries, wall or tile decals, curtains, and more. Play with the different items, and create a temporary design before opting for a more permanent solution.

When it is time to re-decorate or renovate your home, let us work with you to ensure your walls don’t go unappreciated. We are here to help you find the color and style that will highlight the best features of your home.

Talk to a CQC Home decorator for help designing your custom wall panels or finding a tile that is right for you.