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What are the Six C’s of Our Business?


By Kenneth Combs, Founding Partner

Kenneth Combs - CQC

Those of you who have seen our signs in front of homes around town are probably familiar with our CQC logo. When I started this company eight years ago, I had a vision, and the three letters in our name—including the two C’s—helped me put plans into action to realize that vision. Custom Quality Carpentry has always been about high-quality renovation projects tailored to the custom needs of each client.

As we’ve grown, I’ve come to realize those two C’s in our name could really be expanded on to represent how we’ve matured and how our vision has evolved. I’ve been encouraging my team to think about the six C’s that stand for the values behind our vision.

I’d like to share those values with you now. They are:

To act with COURAGE

To foster open COMMUNICATION

To CREATE innovate

To improve and enhance our COMMUNITY


To COMMIT to quality and excellence

The six C’s are our pledge to our clients, the greater Durham community, and to each other. With this post, I’m kicking off a series from myself and our leadership team to highlight how we translate these values into results.

All of us at CQC Home feel honored to be part of a business that’s growing and changing while it remains true to our roots. Nothing makes us happier than solving clients’ problems and working with them to realize their personal vision for the places they call home.

Stay tuned for more on the six C’s. I’ll share my thoughts about acting with courage next.