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Our Promise to You


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To understand why CQC offers a better answer for your home remodel, it helps to understand the basics of our remodeling business model, which is built for exceptional customer experience, plain and simple. This is our promise.

We are loyal. At CQC, we rely on the industry’s best in-house designers, project managers, lead carpenters, and a whole range of experienced and talented people who are employed by us and solely dedicated to your job. All of them have been trained in the CQC way of doing business, and many of them have worked for us for many years to provide the best in remodeling services.

Our ethics. This is the foundation of CQC. We pride ourselves on the principles of honesty and ethical behavior. Fairness is always the rule. We say what needs to be said, which sometimes may not be what you want to hear, but is always with your interests as our #1 priority.

We communicate. Our operational structure depends on open & prompt communication with you, as the homeowner, as well as between our team members. When the unexpected happens, and it does with most renovation projects, we’re ready with an answer. We’re confident that our customer service execution is the best in the business, trying to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to your project.

This is a collaboration. A successful remodel is, at its core, a collaborative process. Our goal is to make your dream come alive – not ours. The strength of relationships between our clients and our team are the core of great results.

Attention to detail. At CQC, we strive to leave NO stone unturned. Our Design/Build process works to catch many possible hiccups up front which in turn decreases project timelines and better defines budget.

Financial foundation. From the very beginning, CQC was built on a sound financial foundation. We are a debt-free company! This assures we can stand behind our warranties, we insure ourselves and our workforce properly, we pay our partners and subs promptly, and we’re built for the long haul. Rest assured that we will be around for a lifetime to honor that lifetime warranty!

Our industry-changing philosophy. For every project, our goal at CQC is to deliver exactly what we promise. We want your repeat business, and we want you to tell everyone you know about your experience. Nothing would make us happier than to get a call from your kids, your grandkids, or your great-grand kids, when they’re ready to remodel.

Over the years, we’ve noticed a pattern. When most of our clients initiate the remodeling process, they are very focused on what the final project will look like and feel like, and on what the materials and costs will be. But by the end of the project, the vast majority tells us “The most important decision we made was choosing the right remodeling firm to execute our plans.” Here at CQC we want to be precisely that, your partner in making the ordinary, extraordinary!


 Kenneth Combs Licensed General Contractor Owner

Kenneth Combs Licensed General Contractor Owner

Kenneth Combs

President and CEO, CQC Home