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Countertop Corbels


When envisioning your dream kitchen, one of the first things that comes to mind is “what type of countertop will I select to showcase my personal style and wow my guests?” and “what type of lighting will I use to spotlight it?”

But don’t stop there! Many details are often overlooked when selecting countertops — including how countertop overhangs are supported. Let’s look at how countertop corbels function, both practically and aesthetically.

Heavy-Duty Countertop Support

Supporting heavy countertops found in modern kitchens are the main function of countertop corbels. Favorite countertop materials, including granite, quartz, marble, butcher block and concrete are heavier and require strong supports. Even well-made solid wood cupboards underneath some countertops aren’t enough. Countertop corbels provide the necessary support, and their design (not to mention what color they’re painted) can add great flair.

Floating Countertop Overhangs


“Hidden” corbels are nearly invisible and are appearing in more kitchens, providing a streamlined appearance. High-traffic kitchens can make use of this clever design which makes the space under counters more efficient for seating and open shelving. This is because the corbel is not in the way; whereas a series of large, noticeable corbels make legs and knees clear targets for injury.

All in all, you can achieve the spacious, elegant look you want while incorporating the high-quality materials you desire. Give the team at CQC Home a call today. We are here to support your every effort to create a beautiful kitchen that is sure to become the true heart of your home.