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Pendant Lighting Illuminates the Heart of Your Home


When entertaining it seems inevitable that the guests always end up congregating in the kitchen.

Just when you thought you’d have ample opportunity at Thanksgiving dinner to brag on your exquisite new white oak floors, you’re instead excusing yourself past guests chatting and chuckling in the kitchen  – as you refresh drinks. So why not set an eye catching ambience in your sociably magnetic kitchen? This can be achieved by having the correct lighting style in your kitchen that is functional and ambient. There are three levels of lighting that you can use to achieve this.  


  • Hanging (Pendant) Lights — This lighting style has a wide range of styles and color schemes. This being the case, it is usually the most exciting to select. Pendant lights are fitting above kitchen islands and  dining room tables. They are also optimal in foyers. These lights have the dual benefit of making your kitchen chic and contemporary or your dining room and foyer warm and cozy.
  • Down (Recessed) Lights — This particular type of lighting reduces glare and shadows. The best placements for recessed lights are in your kitchen ceiling. Think of these lights as task lights. They’re great for tasks such as cutting vegetables or washing dishes. With this type of lighting overhead your food prep and dish duties will become seamless. MR16 halogens or LEDs are most compatible for recessed fixtures. Depending on the square footage of your kitchen additional wattage may possibly be required.
  • Under-Cabinet Strip Lights —  LED strip lighting is a trend that is on the rise. These are  installed behind the fascia board at the front of your cabinets. This technique makes them out of sight but definitely not out of mind. Much like recessed lights they are extremely useful. Plus, the light shining directly onto your counter tops showcasing your new KraftMaid base mixer won’t hurt either!

With all the options of lighting and the numerous sites to browse this could become mind-boggling. From us giving you the correct sites to browse for your budget, all the way down to us suggesting the color of your bulbs-as we are installing your lighting selections. We pride ourselves on keeping the lines of communication clear and open. Understanding your vision and your budget will result in lighting up your life and your home!