Image of a white-on-white kitchen design by CQC Home

A Vision in White (on White)

The last thing you want is a kitchen that quickly becomes outdated simply because you researched and based your remodeling decisions on a trend that was on the rise. When you begin to think of remodeling your kitchen, it’s best…

Summer is Here: How to Stay Cool and Safe

Here in North Carolina, we’re already experiencing hot, humid days where the thermometer reads above 90 degrees. It’s only going to get hotter as the summer wears on, so we asked CQC Home’s Safety Manager, Justin Walker, for some tips on…

The CQC Process

For most people, the thought of home remodeling brings two emotions: 1) joy at having your dream realized; 2) and anxiety about how painful the process might be with some remodeling contractors. We have all heard the horror stories that…

Double Stack Utensils Drawer Insert

Our Promise to You

Dear Homeowner, To understand why CQC offers a better answer for your home remodel, it helps to understand the basics of our remodeling business model, which is built for exceptional customer experience, plain and simple. This is our promise.

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