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Beautifully Accessible


Are the elements in your bathroom accessible as well as aesthetically pleasing?

Did you know that more than 2/3 of injuries that take place in the bathroom result in a visit to the emergency room? More frightening, a majority of these falls occur while the person is fully conscious! Estimates show that falls in the bathroom amount to over $67.3 billion in lifetime medical expenses. These numbers point to the fact that most homes are not equipped with the modifications needed to prevent these unfortunate injuries, and the costs and pain associated with them. Consumers, however, are very concerned about installing features in their homes that look “institutional”. Or feel that nobody in their household would benefit from having theses modifications. In reality all demographics are affected by bathroom related injuries. Here are some features we can implement in your bathroom without sacrificing aesthetics.

Inlay tile

This slip-resistant tile can prevent dangerous falls! They’re also very low maintenance since there is no grout that needs to be cleaned. Additionally, the surface is smooth and optimal for anyone in the household who may have issues with balance or mobility (uses a wheelchair or walker).


Curbless Shower

Whether there are mobility issues or not, an open shower is an area large enough to accommodate couples or even a caregiver who may need to assist someone. Wheelchairs effortlessly enter and exit this universal style shower. There’s also less of a chance of tripping over the threshold while entering or exiting.

Grab Bars

They come in many different finishes and styles that will add pizazz to any bathroom. Multi-functional, they can be used to insure stability or double as towel bars.

Wall-Mounted Shower Seat

These seats can be a sight for sore eyes after a long day. Take a load off on this convenient seat as warm water soothes away tension and stress! It also can assure safety, independence, and comfort for anyone with disabilities or needs assistance. After use, some models have a lift-up feature to free up valuable space.

Lowered Countertop

Having a lowered countertop with an open space underneath has many benefits in the bathroom. And the space underneath gives added storage. For example, a step stool for the little ones whose daily tasks of hand washing and teeth brushing becomes easier with the lowered countertop. This modification is also beneficial for wheelchair users who will have more independence with the clearance underneath the sink.

We can help you visualize and create an accessible remodel without having to sacrifice design aesthetics. A safer bathroom environment is something needed in every home!