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5 Questions to Ask Your Contractor


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Taking the Right Steps

Congratulations! In choosing to embark on the home improvement project of your dreams, you have made an informed decision. No matter what type of project you are working on, hiring the right contractor is essential. To make sure that you are making a sound decision, we present a list of five important questions you should ask the contractor before hiring him.

What Is Your License Number?

 Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (CRC)

Residential contractors in Florida must be registered with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (CRC). Use this method to find out which license prior employees hold. Any claims and judgments against the HIC will be revealed during this check. It could provide a history of establishments run by the same person.

Can You Give Me a Cost Estimate?

Ensure that you receive an appropriate response from your contractor about the overall price of their work, especially if it’s a project with a deadline-driven schedule. Those contractors who bid cheaply to win the contract but then increase their rates after the project begins should be avoided.

 Interior designers estimating project cost

Since expanding the project’s scope can involve additional costs, previously committed budgets are earmarked to retain the most flexibility possible. The payment for work that the contractor “forgot” to mention in the proposal is so wrong, but it happens a lot.

Who’s Pulling My Permit?

As a homeowner, you will have the option to appoint your contractor and obtain your approval. Therefore, you accept responsibility for ensuring that local and state codes perform all work. Avoid contractors who ask for permission to leave. They asked because their license is likely suspended, expired, or revoked. Likewise, it’s your responsibility, not that of the contractor, if part of the task is not completed by building codes.

 construction permit application with pen and calculator

Do You Have Any Testimonials for My Project?

The best way to find out about a contractor is to look at their previous work. Check photos of their work, talk to others who have remodeled a house like yours, and inquire about the references. After a few hours of research, you will have a good idea about the contractor’s abilities. We always recommend visiting a job site to see the work in person.

What Are Your Address and Phone Numbers?

In numerous tales, homeowners have heard woeful stories about contractors who flip off the job, abscond with the deposit, and leave. To protect yourself, you need to verify the address of your contractor’s office (or home); otherwise, you will not be able to contact them if they disappear. Setting up a contract with someone whose office is customary will help you build a relationship with them.

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