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What is the Best Range Hood for Your Kitchen?


If you are planning a kitchen remodel, there are plenty of things to think about. What kind of countertops do you want? What cabinet color should you pick? Do you want a gas stove or electric range top? One of the more recent topics of discussion when it comes to kitchen design also happens to be – what type of range hood do you want? Gone are the days of basic vent hoods with little design appeal. Homeowners now want wooden range hoods or stainless steel hoods that can add some dimension to their kitchen design. 

Stainless Steel

Painted Wood

Copper with Gold Trim

Choosing The Best Range Hoods For Your Kitchen

Choosing the right range hood ultimately depends on personal preference and the design style for your kitchen. If the kitchen has a more traditional or rustic appeal, a hood made out of wood may be the way to go. Wooden hoods have become increasingly more popular as homeowners and designers have leaned into the country chic or rustic design trend. A hood made out of richly colored wood can offer a great contrast to a white kitchen that may have other wood accents like butcher block countertops or shiplap accent walls. 

Stainless steel still certainly has its place in the kitchen though. We still see plenty of homeowners choosing a hood made of stainless steel for its functionality and classic appeal. Stainless range hoods also come in both contemporary and traditional styling, so they can pair well with whatever kitchen design plan you have selected. 

Which Kitchen Hood Is Better?

Beyond design, there are a few things to think about when choosing a kitchen range hood. Below is a list of various hood features to keep in mind when you are planning your kitchen remodel.

Type Of Material

When choosing between wood and metal, it is important to consider the material. Not all woods are created equal and some woods perform better around heat and in kitchens that see regular use. A hood made of hard maple, cherry, or red oak will serve you well. When assembled correctly and with the right finish, these woods not only look great, but they will offer the durability that you need to enjoy your kitchen for years to come. 

There are also various types of range hoods to choose from in a metal finish. Stainless steel and zinc are the most commonly used metal products for the kitchen. These materials are designed to be durable and not to rust, which is also important for the longevity of your kitchen design. 

Location Of The Range Hood

Where will the cooktop be in your new kitchen design? The location of your range hood will also make a difference in the kind of material that you choose. If your cooking surface is going to be on a kitchen island, you will want to choose from island hoods that are designed to fit well in the middle of a room. A wooden hood may appear too dark for that kind of space, blocking your view across the kitchen. In this case, a more streamlined stainless steel or ductless range hood may be a better fit. 

If your cooktop is against the wall, you will want to choose a wall mount range hood, cabinet range hood or under cabinet hood. In these cases, choosing a hood style that will blend well with your cabinet design and colors becomes extremely important in addition to the hood. 

Exhaust Fan And Motor Function

Beyond aesthetics, it is important to choose a hood design that is functional for what you will be using it for. After all, the main purpose of range hoods is kitchen ventilation, so homeowners should take that into consideration when planning their remodel. Commercial kitchens have much bigger requirements when it comes to hood features like venting, ducting, and fan speeds. Residential kitchen design should still factor these things in though, especially if you are a homeowner who loves to cook! Make sure that the hood design you choose, whether wood or steel, will fit the components needed for the proper exhaust fan and ductwork to make your kitchen ventilation a priority. 

Getting Ready For A Kitchen Remodel? 

If you are planning a kitchen remodel, the talented team at CQC Home can help. Our team is skilled at stepping homeowners through the remodeling process – from idea exploration to finished design. We can help you select the best kitchen design for your home layout, along with all the little design details – like choosing a wooden range hood or steel duct hood. Once you’ve picked your design, our contracting team will take care of the rest. They can advise you on the functional needs of your hood as well, so you don’t need to think about things like blower speed, downdrafts and duct runs. Leave it all to us and we will leave you with a beautiful kitchen that you will love. Contact us today.