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Top 10 Interior Color Trends In Raleigh

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A fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference for a room. It can also make or break a good remodel design. Paint is inexpensive and you can always paint over it if you change your mind. However, we recommend thinking carefully through your paint selection. Choosing the right paint color is an important part of any remodel design process

Each year, new color trends are released. This is a time when designers all over the world weigh in on what colors they think will be popping up in home design throughout the year. Exploring popular color trends is a great way to add a fresh design to your home. In Raleigh, NC, we have noticed some color palettes that continue to trend in interior designs. 

The Most Popular Color Trends In Raleigh Right Now

  1. Deep, Classic Blues
    Blue has always been a popular shade for home interiors. Right now, we are seeing lots of deep, classic blue tones being chosen for interior design. Perfect for a family room, study, kitchen, or half-bath that needs a little “pop,” colors like Sherwin Williams’ Loyal Blue make a statement without being over the top. 

  2. Black And White
    This classic combo seems to stand the test of time and keeps returning with a fresh new look. When paired together, black and white are perfect for just about any room in your home. We are particularly loving this combination in kitchens right now. It keeps things clean and fresh, with a little bit of boldness for balance.
  3. Blush
  4. This is not your typical bubblegum pink. Shades of pale blush and dusty rose are blooming all over Raleigh in living rooms, master suites, and home offices. Shades like Glamour or Sandbank keep things neutral with just a subtle hint of rosy pink.

  5. White
    White has always received a bad wrap for being “sterile,” but today’s paint producers offer white with a variety of undertones. One of the most popular trends we are seeing for Raleigh homeowners right now is white on white. Choosing two subtly different shades of white for wall and trim offer just enough contrast and a flexible backdrop for any color decor accessories you may choose.

  6. Jade Green
    Joining in popularity with the deep blues, rich shades of green like Hunter and Jade have definitely made a comeback. We are seeing a lot of greens on accent walls or even a tiled kitchen backsplash.
  7. Earthy Browns And Rust Tones
    Along with the trend of adding a little bit of bohemian vibe to interior design, earthy browns and rust tones have regained popularity. This is not the 70’s orange that may have been in your grandmother’s kitchen. Shades like Cavern Clay and Oak Creek are warming up walls throughout the City of Oaks.
  8. Eggplant
    Similar to the return of deep blues and greens, shades of deep purple are returning to the throne of jewel-tone palettes. We love eggplant in a kitchen on an accent wall or sprinkled throughout the house in fabrics or throw pillows.
  9. Black
  10. Black may sound like a big commitment, but we are seeing black walls and ceilings popping up in Raleigh in the master bedroom, studies, and even kitchens. When paired with a bright pop of color or in a black and white combination like mentioned above, black can have a real impact on your interior design plan.

  11. Pastels
  12. Pastel tones are back in a big way, but don’t confuse this color palette with something left behind by the Easter Bunny. The pastels that we are seeing right now have a pale, matte, muted palette. These shades are great for a common area, entryway, or even the occasional ceiling.

  13. Yellow
  14. Also evoking a little bit of the 70’s era is the return of yellow in rooms. The yellow tones that we are seeing could be described more as marigold. What we love about colors like Kingdom Gold, is that it adds a little happiness to a room without being the bright, sunshiney yellows that were actually popular in the ’70s. These yellows are bold and sophisticated while being friendly and down to earth. Try them on an accent wall or just add yellow touches to any room design.

No matter what color trends inspire you the most, the team at CQC Home is ready to bring design vision to life with your renovation or home addition. Our design team will help you pick the perfect colors for your project. Ready to get started? Contact us today.