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Tile Floor Trends For Your Kitchen


 tile flooring

Kitchen renovations are no doubt one of the most popular home renovations that we work with clients on. If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, you might want to look into one of the latest flooring trends that we are seeing here in the Raleigh area: tile floors! Tile flooring in the kitchen is a unique way to add both character and function to your kitchen design. 

Tile Flooring Ideas For Kitchens

Floor tile comes in all shapes and sizes. Some are more durable than others, so when choosing a floor tile for your kitchen, be sure to select something that can resist a little wear and tear. You also want to ensure that you choose a tile for your kitchen that can be easily cleaned. However, one of the benefits of tile is that for the most part, you can quickly wipe away spills and stains in this high traffic area. 

We worked with a client in Raleigh’s Country Club Villas that needed a total kitchen makeover.

The client worked with our design team to choose a kitchen design that was light and airy. Together we selected a lovely, but subtle Stratford Decorative 8×8 tile pattern that would compliment the bright whites and Calcatta Aldo Granite countertops. This tile works perfectly to add a little color to the space without being over the top. 

How To Choose Floor Tile Color

When it comes to choosing a floor tile color or pattern, there really isn’t one right answer. The tile color that you choose is ultimately up to your own personal preference and aesthetic. However, we recommend choosing a tile color and pattern that you are not likely to grow tired of quickly as you will want to enjoy your new kitchen for years to come. 

You can also opt for a unique tile pattern that will add appeal while using one solid tile color. Herringbone tile patterns or honeycomb tile patterns are great options when it comes to selecting something that will create an interesting look and feel without a painted tile pattern. We have used patterns in multiple rooms from the kitchen to the laundry space, as seen below.

No matter which type of tile you choose for your kitchen design, you are sure to be happy with this kitchen trend. If you are interested in exploring a kitchen renovation, we encourage you to contact the CQC Home team today.