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Make Your Master Bathroom A Retreat


Your home should be your sanctuary, a safe place where you can unwind and forget the stresses of your busy day, and this certainly includes your master bath. After all, it is probably the first place you go when you wake up in the morning, and the last place you will be before heading to bed. These days, no indulgence is off-limits in the master bathroom, from sound systems and electronics to spa-like amenities. Here are some tips to help you create that master bathroom retreat you deserve.

Create a Stunning Master Bath

So you know you want a beautiful space where you can enjoy preparing for your day or unwinding at the end of it. Where do you start?  

First, decide if you are using your space to its maximum potential. A cramped, poorly laid out bathroom will not feel luxurious. Could you use more counter space? Or maybe an extra sink? Giant jetted tubs are becoming less common, and walk-in showers or steam showers with multiple shower heads are taking their place. But if you are a bath lover, don’t fret, consider a beautiful free-standing soaking tub that can be the centerpiece of your room. Another important piece of the master bath layout is storage and closet space. Think about hiring a bathroom remodeling expert to help you choose the best floor plan for your space and budget.  

A master bathroom with a glass-walled shower with dual shower heads.

Above, a beautiful glass-walled shower with dual shower heads gives this master retreat an updated feel. Renovations by CQC Home.

Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Now that you have determined the best way to use your master bath space, it’s time to make it your own. Here are some tips for incorporating your personal style.

  • Choose colors according to the mood you want to create. Blues, greens, and neutrals are considered more calming colors while brighter reds and oranges are more invigorating. White will give the room a crisp, clean feel. A high-end material on the countertops and floors and beautiful fixtures will up the wow factor.
  • If you have a master suite with en suite bath, continuing the color palette and style of the master bedroom creates a sophisticated feel and smooth flow. Try using the fabric from a throw pillow on your bed as a shower curtain, or paint the bathroom walls the same or a shade darker than the bedroom.
  • Instead of traditional bathroom lighting, hang a gorgeous chandelier for a custom look. Whether you prefer vintage or modern, lighting will make the room feel warm and updated.
  • Looking to spice up a smaller space? Patterned wallpaper on one or all of the walls can enliven the room. If you don’t like wallpaper, a bold statement tile and neutral walls will add unique character.
  • A bathroom can feel like a cold place with lots of clean lines and hard surfaces. Luxurious curtains, plush seating and cozy rugs can soften the feel of the room. Try the bold look of a faux fur rug in front of a soaker tub, or simply invest in fabulous, pillow-soft towels to get that luxury vibe.

Bathroom with bold tile, white walls and clawfoot bath tub.

Above, white walls contrast with bold tile for a sophisticated look in this master bath renovation by CQC Home.

How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Sanctuary

So you’ve created a gorgeous master bath that reflects your style and personality. Now a few more tweaks will take your space from master bath to master retreat.

If you share your master bathroom with other members of the family, be sure to keep the space clutter-free. Even a beautiful, well-designed bathroom can feel chaotic if there are toys on the vanity and dirty socks on the floor. Designate storage space to keep bath toys and laundry out of sight. Even better, if you don’t have to share the space with kids, make it an “adults only” zone.

For the gadget lover, consider high tech features like heated flooring or a remote control toilet with a built-in bidet and lighting. Install a television to catch up with the news while you shave in the morning or watch a movie while you soak in the tub.

Maybe you want to unplug for a more serene feel in your master bath. Towel heater racks or drawers are an extra-luxurious amenity that doesn’t have to be left at the day spa. Oil diffusers or scented candles can really set the mood for relaxation as well. 

A well-planned master bath that is designed to match your style and your needs is every homeowner’s dream. To get started with your bathroom remodel, call the experts at CQC Home or visit us at