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Kitchen Range Hoods


The purpose of a range hood in your kitchen is to increase the air quality throughout the home that is otherwise filled with smoke, grease, scents and steam from cooking. Yes, having a carbon monoxide detector is great to warn you of a problem, but a range hood actually prevents the issue by giving your kitchen range the proper ventilation needed. Did I mention they also increase your resale value? So now just how do you decide which type of appliance hood to select…

Duct/Vented Hoods

Duct hoods are connected to your home’s existing air duct system, hence the name. The air is filtered to the outside and the most effective and efficient. Though preferred, they are not always feasible – something we would be able to determine during design phase. Another factor is the style of range you desire. If you opt for a gas range, a vented hood is required in order to be up to code.

Ductless Hoods

A ductless hood filters the air through carbon filters, returning the air back into your kitchen. These systems tend to be more affordable as they don’t require being hooked up to your home’s duct system. Some maintenance is required with this hood – the filters must be cleaned regularly, but are often dishwasher safe.

Downdraft Hoods

Downdraft range hood systems are necessary if you wish to place a cooktop or a range in an island or peninsula. We are equipped and qualified to handle the specialized HVAC and designing needs for such appliances.

Call CQC Home to help you select from the many range hood options that enhance the attractiveness of your kitchen while protecting your family. With the endless array of styles, colors, and textures to select from, we are sure to find one suited for your kitchen’s style and color scheme!