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In The News: CQC Aging in Place



From Durham Magazine, April 2016

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Our very own Caroline Redding Crenshaw is a fabulous designer and colleague, but did you know she’s a certified expert in Aging in Place? If you’re like us, you’ve been hearing a lot about Aging in Place (AIP). The definition we like to use at CQC is: a person living in the residence of his/her choice, for as long as he or she is able, as they age. This includes the ability to have needed services or support in the home over time.

 The AARP points out that a majority of seniors wish to stay in their homes as they age. As the Triangle has become a popular retirement destination, more and more families will have the same wish.

Caroline and three other CQC staff members are all CAPS-certified (Certified Aging in Place)  and Universal Design specialists who can advise you at any phase of life. Wouldn’t it be smart, when planning a home renovation, to talk to us about how to accommodate Aging in Place features down the road?

Caroline recently shared with Durham Magazine her thoughts about how to plan without having to compromise on aesthetics. As you can see from the photo, the beautiful CQC kitchen pictured doesn’t look like the drab image some of us think of when we hear “accessible.”

Congratulations to Caroline on her Durham Magazine debut. If you’re interested in talking about anything related to Aging in Place or Universal Design, contact us today.