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Historic Home Makeovers


In the Raleigh area, there is no shortage of charming and beautiful historic homes. From the quaint bungalows of Glenwood to the majestic estates of Hayes Barton, to the meticulously maintained homes of Historic Oakwood, there are many unique and amazing properties. With passion and attention to detail, renovating a historic home can be a very rewarding project. The goal is to make the house comfortable and functional to live in while maintaining the character and detail that makes it unique to its place in history. When done right, a historic home makeover can bring a house back to its original glory without sacrificing the modern amenities that we all want in a home. 

Refinish Original Floors, Walls And Ceilings

Keeping certain elements of a historic home intact not only maintains the home’s character, but it’s also good for the budget. For this top to bottom farmhouse remodel, the gorgeous wood floors were brought back to their original shine. Authentic wood floors in an older home are a beautiful feature and a great selling point too. Woodwork such as molding, shiplap, and ceiling details were also restored so that the homeowners could retain the character and charm that originally attracted them to the house. The original brick fireplace was painted for an updated look.

Update and Respect the Floorplan

Older homes tend to have smaller rooms than new homes, and the floorplans tend not to be as open as current homeowners desire. That doesn’t mean that you have to compromise the originally intended flow of the home’s layout in order to open things up. In this historic home makeover (above), large cased openings between rooms make spaces feel bigger without knocking out entire walls. 

Create a Functional Kitchen and Bath

Of course, an outdated kitchen or bath should be modernized in order to be more convenient. These are the rooms that we spend the most time in, and at the end of the day, a home renovation should be beautiful and functional. For kitchens and bathrooms, the problem in older homes is often space. Combining two smaller rooms or a well thought out addition may be the answer, but it is important to replicate the historic elements of the home in these new spaces.

To find the perfect balance of modern and vintage in a kitchen or bath, modern amenities and appliances combine with decorative elements that fit the style of the home. Above, the homeowners worked closely with builders in this historic master bath remodel to choose tiles and hardware that fit with the look of the house. A restored clawfoot tub seems like it was meant for the space. 

In the Raleigh area, we are fortunate to have a variety of older homes from many different periods in history. With expertise and careful attention to detail, these homes can be updated to suit modern life and restored to their original beauty. If you are ready to discuss your home renovation project, the passionate experts at CQC Home are ready to help.