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Renovating and or remodeling spaces in your home is a very exciting time! More so when the project is completed and your vision is revealed before you. The first thing many of us want to do is to invite everyone over to check out our home transformation. Not long after the paint dries, a Facebook event, Save the Date, and an Evites are created to coordinate the showing! Generally, your doors aren’t a focal point, but we say why not make them, even if they are only the warm-up to the big reveal?

Going Dutch

For a more relaxed approach, dutch doors have been prevailing. This
unique architecture dates back to the 1700s and has withstood the test
of time. There are many reasons this door style is appealing. Dutch doors are a great option whether your focus is allowing the sunlight and a cool breeze to pour into your home, to cook while watching the kids play
outside, or greet your guests as they arrive.

Crystal Clear

Full light doors are a great choice for patios, workshops, even home offices. These doors give you the opportunity to enjoy natural light and nature, but avoid the pesky elements and insects!

Pick Pocket

Pocket doors are favored and very functional in multi-entry, back-to-back areas or small spaces like a guest bedroom that leads into a bathroom. We can’t forget to mention they save space and give you more usage options. Opting for a pocket door can give you the freedom to mount cabinets on the wall or place a bed or dresser where you couldn’t before.

Some good questions to ask yourself are how much privacy versus natural light do you want? How can you maximize this space? Also consider doors facing south or west take a lot of weather beating. Call CQC Home and rely on our knowledge or to ask any questions about the various door styles out there. As always, we are here to help!