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Best Countertop and Cabinet Designs


 Brown Fantasy Granite

Choosing the right cabinet and countertop pairing that expresses your unique style can be difficult. There are numerous types of countertops to choose from; just a couple are: quartz, quartzite, butcher block, or a natural stone like a granite countertop, to a bathroom marble. Not to mention the different colors and finishes that can be applied to both counters and cabinets. How do you find the combination that’s right for your kitchen? We’ve found four of the best trends for countertop and cabinet designs, helping inspire you to find your kitchen style.

White Countertops

One of the most popular countertop options is a white or off-white colored countertop. Wheter using dark or light cabinets, the white stone or quartz countertop can bring an elegance to your kitchen space, without making it feel stiff. Pair the white countertops with brass accents and your kitchen becomes a modern, stylish space. Below we paired white, Aspen quartz countertops with white perimeter cabinets and Java coffee maple cabinets on the island. All of the cabinets were accented with champagne bronze metal pulls, rather than brass. They brought a subtle sophistication to the space that fit the family perfectly.

 Kitchen with white quartz countertops

 White kitchen quartz countertops with white built-in cabinets

Dark Countertops

Black or dark grey countertops can set a distinctive mood for the kitchen and help bring out colors in cabinets. Dark countertops work perfectly with dark cabinets and floors to create a dramatic mood. Be sure to have lots of natural or added light to keep the kitchen cozy. There’s also the age-old classic of a black and white kitchen. For instance; take a look at this old home transformation where we placed Calcatta vintage quartz countertops with shaker white cabinets. The dark grey quartz has veins of white running through it, catching the eye, but complementing the surrounding elements. The countertop brings out the textures in the beadboard ceiling and tiled backsplash. It matches the Venetian bronze plumbing fixtures as well. The kitchen has plenty of space and is the perfect area for entertaining or enjoying a family meal.

 Kitchen with dark grey quartz countertops

 Dark grey kitchen quartz countertops with white cabinets

Wood Countertops

Moving away from quartz or stone countertops, wood can also be an option. A wood countertop can bring warmth and coziness to a space, helping the kitchen maintain a modern but approachable style. If you want to use a wood countertop accent, we recommend keeping to either a warm or cool tone. Mixing these wood tones can result in the wood accents and other kitchen style elements clashing. In this kitchen addition, we chose a slightly darker wood for the countertop accent but kept it in the warm tone family to match the lighter floors. The wood countertop draws the eye while the blue stools tied all of the elements together to create a fun, bright kitchen.

 Kitchen with wood accented island

 Wood kitchen island with blue stools

Dramatic Countertops

Last but not least, in popular trends; boldly patterned countertops can add that element of drama to a kitchen that makes it uniquely yours. Dramatic countertops can include stone or quartz with contrasting colors or with colorful veins that create a pattern. If you choose to have your granite countertop the centerpiece of your kitchen, make sure the other elements of the kitchen do not clash or overwhelm the space with too many stylish elements. For this modern kitchen makeover, we installed a granite countertop with the mosaic strip in the backsplash. The two elements bring the space together while the white caquarbinets complement the lighter colors in the countertop.

 Dark speckled granite countertop with mosaic backsplash

 Dramatic kitchen granite countertop with white cabinets

With so many options for your kitchen countertops and cabinets, you can create the style and atmosphere you want. If you need some advice, let CQC Home help you remodel and create the kitchen of your dreams. Check out all of our kitchen projects, as well as our bathroom projects and new additions. We remodel homes in DurhamRaleighChapel Hill, and Cary – wherever you are, we can help! Let’s create the kitchen that fits your family perfectly and is uniquely your style.