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6 Things To Remember When Redesigning Your Bathroom


 CQC Bathroom Renovation

Tired of staring at the oversized Jacuzzi tub that hardly ever gets used? Looking at your undersized showerhead and wishing you felt like you just stepped out of a spa instead of a mist tent? Then it’s time to renovate your bathroom into a place that offers a relaxing spa environment when desired and a streamlined layout to help you get out the door in the morning looking your best.

The name of the game in today’s hectic world is efficiency – in space, design and usability. Below are just a few of the key trends CQC Home is following at as we design new bathrooms for our clients.

1. Tubs & Showers

Seldom-used Jacuzzi tubs are being abandoned for large walk-in showers with multiple jets. Think of it as a human car wash. Every shower feels like a spa experience even if you’ve only got five minutes to get in and out.

If you just can’t live without a tub in your bathroom, opt for a freestanding model – a contemporary basin style or a clawfoot tub.

2. Flooring & Tile

For floors, bigger is better. We’re recommending big 12” X 24” tiles and fewer mosaics. When we do bring in smaller tiles, they’re included as accents along the edges or between tiles.

From backsplashes to shower walls, subway tile is making a comeback. This sleek, retro tile offers many ways to set your bathroom apart. We’re using colored grout for installation – either in the most commonly seen gray or even in a brighter color to add pop.

3. Sinks

Pedestal sinks are out. The need for greater storage is prompting our clients to use cabinets or vanities. And instead of traditional, oval embedded sinks, we’re choosing square or round vessel sinks mounted to the top of the counter or vanity.

4. Cabinets & Storage Space

Today’s cabinets look and function more like actual furniture, as opposed to more traditional styles with a few standard doors and drawers, and customization is key. Do you need to store laundry under the sink? Slip your laundry hamper into the cabinet and add a sliding track for easy access. Looking for display space in addition to functionality? Choose a piece that has drawers with an open area underneath to display towels, photographs, storage baskets, etc.

Task specific storage in each bathroom element is also critical – choose shelved cabinets for linens and tip out drawers on vanities for toothbrushes, styling tools and grooming items. Even the medicine cabinet is making a comeback. These hidden storage spaces keep countertops clutter free, adding to the overall feeling of calm within the room.

5. Lighting

Gone are the days of a single overhead light. The lighting in our bathrooms illuminates specific task areas – the vanity, shower, etc. For mirrors above vanities, cross-lighting is the trend. This involves fixtures placed not only in the traditional position above the mirror, but also adding light that emanates from below and along the sides to effectively eliminate shadows on the face.

6. Paint

Fifty shades of gray aren’t just appearing on bookshelves these days. Although gray is one of the color wheel’s coolest options, it’s certainly hot now as an interior wall option. To turn your bathroom into a calming retreat pair, warm grays with cool blues. For a sleek, contemporary look, incorporate warm grays with cool greens. Similarly, match crisp whites with pale beiges.

These are just a few of the ideas we’re incorporating into our bathroom redesigns. We’d love to share our thoughts on your space. To set up an appointment to discuss your needs, call CQC Home at 919-971-5119.