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5 Gorgeous Backsplash Trends


We love to help homeowners showcase their personal style and creativity through the design choices that they make. When it comes to the kitchen, the possibilities are endless. One of our favorite ways to make a statement in a kitchen is with a unique backsplash. Whether you are remodeling your entire kitchen or just looking to refresh your space, the backsplash can change the entire mood of the room. It’s a great spot for homeowners to show their personality, be it colorful and bold or sleek and modern. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest kitchen backsplash designs that are trending right now.

Large Tiles

Although we will always love a classic 3 x 6 inch subway tile, we are seeing a trend toward larger tiles and even slabs of material (think quartz or marble) that give a clean, minimalist look to the kitchen. If you want to stick with a subway tile, those are becoming available in larger sizes as well. Using bigger tiles can be especially advantageous in making a small kitchen feel larger and less busy.   

Mirror or Metallic Finishes

The metallic trend is everywhere now, and we love the look of a metal or mirrored backsplash. There are loads of metallic options available in plenty of shapes and sizes, whether you want a super shiny chrome, or a soft, muted patina. Mirror finishes are an especially attractive option for small kitchens, as they create the illusion of more space. With the right lighting scheme, metallic and mirror finishes can really make a kitchen pop.  

Bold Colors and Patterns

Today’s homeowners are not afraid of a pop of color, and the kitchen backsplash is no exception. Bold patterns and bright colors are showing up in kitchens everywhere. Floral motifs are especially popular right now. Whether you like blue or green or pink, use as much or as little of it as you like in the backsplash to add some excitement to your space.     

Unique Tile Shapes

Tiles aren’t just squares and rectangles any more. Geometric shapes like hexagons are hugely popular. So are mosaics, floral shapes and fish scales. With so many unique shapes to choose from, you can make a bold statement in your backsplash even if you don’t want to use bright colors. Of course, you can have both – we love a tile that is bold in both shape and color! 

Natural Textures 

Natural textures provide a great contrast in kitchens, where everything tends to be shiny and smooth. Wood, or wood-inspired tiles add interest and warmth when paired with marble and stainless steel. Natural stone finishes on the backsplash are another great way to add texture and depth to your space.

For an instant update or a full-blown kitchen renovation, it is important to choose a backsplash that fits your taste and personality. Whether you go with an ultra-glam mirror finish or a rustic natural wood look, a backsplash can take a kitchen from ho-hum to show-stopping. If you are interested in updating your kitchen, the experts at CQC Home are ready to help.