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2020 Trends: Built-In Seating For Your Kitchen


One of the hottest kitchen trends right now is custom banquette seating. Not only is it efficient and convenient, it feels cozy and inviting.  A kitchen nook with a built-in bench is the perfect place for weeknight dinners, lazy Sunday brunches or 2 a.m. chats with old friends. If you are wondering how you can add some charm to your kitchen, banquette seating might be just what you are looking for.

Above, this remodeled kitchen with sleek built-in seating offers a sunny corner for the homeowners to enjoy a meal together.

Banquette Seating For A Modern Lifestyle

In the United States, we are moving toward a more casual lifestyle, and many of us want to live in a space that we will use to its fullest potential. That means much less emphasis on formal dining and living rooms that were so important in the past. Most people want to have a comfortable space for the whole family to eat and entertain within the kitchen. Enter custom banquette seating. This option is super versatile because a bench can be built into a corner, under a bay window, against a free wall, or even in front of a peninsula or island. Banquettes are great for saving space because they can fit more people than chairs and they are naturally pushed against a wall, which you would not want to do with regular dining chairs. 

Kitchen Banquette Seating With Storage

If you, like most of us, suffer from a lack of cabinet space, banquette seating with storage can be the answer to your problems. A bench with drawers underneath can create a lot of extra space for your less-frequently used kitchen items. If you don’t like the look of drawers, a lift-up top is another option that will provide plenty of storage, and no one even has to know it’s there. You might even end up with a spot to stash that blender or bread machine that you have been storing in the coat closet.

Built-In Kitchen Seating Design Ideas

A built-in bench in your kitchen gives you plenty of options for making small changes when you feel like your space needs an update. Adding cushions and pillows to your banquette obviously makes it more comfortable, and you can easily swap them out when you need a change. Of course the same is true with the table. If there is an open side to the table, choose interesting chairs for additional seating. Hanging a pendant light or small chandelier over the area warms up the space.

 custom built-in bench emulating Tuscan design

Our busy lifestyles and desire to connect with our friends and family have a lot to do with the popularity of built-in kitchen seating. When we have a comfortable and convenient place to relax with the ones we love, that also happens to be practical, it is definitely a win-win situation! If you are thinking about making changes to your kitchen, big or small, the experts at CQC Home can help bring your vision to reality.