Tracey Kunz

General Manager Raleigh

I grew up in New York and have lived in many cities across the US, thanks to numerous corporate relocations. When I relocated to Raleigh in 1999, I knew that I had found the right place to put down permanent roots. Raleigh is the perfect blend of small town and growing city. Truly a wonderful place to raise my two daughters. They are now out of college and successfully pursuing their dreams. One is running a sales team for a fintech startup in New York City. The other recently completed her Masters in Equine Genetics and Microbiomes and is working with horse breeders across the country.

I renovated or built all nine homes I lived in, just “for fun,” in addition to working in advertising sales. My professional career in construction and design began six weeks after moving to Raleigh. Hurricane Floyd dropped a tree on the house I had just purchased. I tracked down a guy with a portable sawmill. I had that very tree milled into new flooring for the addition I was planning to build. Due to my creativity and resourcefulness, the contractor offered me a job on the spot. My experience there led me to creating and running my own successful bathroom design and renovation business. My renovated 1928 bungalow in downtown Raleigh is filled with treasures from my travels around the world, reflecting my bohemian-chic style.

I am thrilled to be leading CQC Home’s expansion into Raleigh and providing our clients here with thoughtfully designed, beautifully built remodeling projects that enhance the way they live every day. I enjoy spending time with friends at Raleigh’s great restaurants, attending local cultural events and giving time to the Dix Park Conservancy and Triangle Family Services or traveling. In my spare time, I am always working on least 5 projects- making jewelry, rehabbing a thrift store furniture find, or customizing a pair of jeans for a friend. Whether it is a fabulous new bathroom for a client, or a beaded bracelet I made; I love seeing the results of a project and knowing “I created that”.

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