LaTina Adams

LaTina Adams

Office Manager

I’m thrilled to join the CQC Home family! They have welcomed me with open arms and displayed such a balance between respect, values, love, and professionalism! I already feel at home! The Lord has blessed me with three amazing and wonderful children (Trudy, Brahim, and Kameron)! He’s also recently crossed my path, after patiently waiting, with the love of my life, whom I refer to as Batman (a little Carrie Bradshaw-like, I know)!

I can adapt to and overcome anything in life whether it pertains to what life throws my way or my career choice. I’ve been a successful, head turning grease monkey at a factory, and through the years transitioned gracefully into crunching numbers and coordinating in the finance and administrative world. I’ve always been ambitious and hardworking because setting a good example for my children is a top priority for me. I also strive to instill loyalty and giving in them.

I know I have a purpose on this Earth since God spared my life in August 2013. I was in a terrible car accident where a friend of mine lost his life, and I broke everything imaginable in my body; my lower back, eight ribs, right leg, two forearms, nose, shattered my elbow completely, and fractured my skull. I spent almost two months in the hospital recovering, and a year in physical therapy. I was even wheelchair bound for a while. This totally changed my perspective and outlook on life! Life is definitely too short to stress about things you cannot change.

In my free time, I love to spend time with my children, create and hand out blessing bags for the homeless, listen to all genres of music that feeds my soul, and watch movies (especially Mafia-themed ones). Saturdays are dedicated to cleaning in my house; always with Salsa/Merengue music in the background. Then when all is said and done, we all pile in my bed and watch bad Lifetime movies for the remainder of the day. Every Sunday we attend church as a family followed by quality time at Grandma and Grandpa’s. I cannot wait to contribute and grow with my extended CQC Home family!

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