Ken Combs

President & CEO

My family, my business, Christian values and achievement are at the core of my life. My family fulfills my desire to provide and care for others. CQC Home provides the opportunity to offer jobs, training and a sense of accomplishment to my employees.

I was born and grew up in Durham. I am committed to this diverse city. Its warm and generous people and the wide range of activities and opportunities it offers. I feel a commitment to give back to Durham and will continue to sponsor activities here that benefit the community.

In terms of achievement, perhaps I am a little driven… I thrive in fast-paced environments and began working in residential construction in my late teens. Luckily, I discovered my entrepreneurial streak early in life, selling lemonade in front of the Agape Corner on Holloway Street. I was 12 years old. Over the years, I  have worked 80 hour weeks, flipped cars, tools, and houses to finance the transition of CQC from a 2 person operation to what it is today.  My employees did the rest and are CQC’s most precious resource. Together, we try very hard to make our clients’ renovations as spectacular as possible. Running a business is 2nd nature to me. My internal code dictates honesty, forthrightness, and compassion for others. I try very hard to live and work these values.

I enjoy boating, fishing, and hosting BBQ’s with my friends & family, playing with my kids and watching them imitate our goats! My wife is starting a farm! As if our lives aren’t busy enough.

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