Ezra Knight

Ezra Knight


At first, moving to the hustle and bustle of Durham from the quiet serenity of the mountains of NC was a bit jarring, but CQC not only gave me a solid position in their company, but they’ve shown me how being part of an efficient and organized team can give anyone the tools to succeed in all areas of one’s life. I took on the project of remodeling my own home in my spare time and could only have done it with the support CQC has given me.

Having initially learned carpentry through a variety of odd houses and my father’s woodshop, CQC has helped me refine my eye for detail and craftsmanship while also keeping the practical methods in mind for improving a customer’s home. After finally seeing several remodels from start to finish, I can see how the change and improvement to someone’s life can be astounding with a beautifully remodeled and functional space.

To unwind from both my spare time work and the work week, I enjoy some good soulful hip-hop, my wife’s beautiful piano playing and some well-informed foraging in the surrounding Piedmont.

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