Chris Sherrin

Small Jobs Division Lead

Small Jobs Division Lead

I view life as an adventure that you only get one shot at. I smile everyday when my alarm goes off…I get another day. I grew up in Maryland and graduated as a Terp. I met my wife in a Chick-fil-a drive through. We have two amazing children who each have their own small business.

I started a general contracting company in Virginia where I was able to spread my wings in business, creativity, and physically exhausting work. I enjoy working hard with customers and making their vision become reality.

Clayton, NC became home shortly after my wife found her, “forever home” online. One week later, we visited, purchased, and became North Carolinians.
Working with CQC is special to me for many reasons. I truly believe in the company and the people I work with. Until CQC, I had not met a team that shared my level of integrity, quality, courage, passion, collaboration, and loyalty to themselves or their customers.

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