Chad Kolumber



I am a Philadelphia native with a heart for being outside, I thought what a better place to be than in the South! I enjoy spending time outdoors as much as possible whether I’m boating, fishing, hiking, hunting or just being outside playing with my dog. I also enjoy getting out to explore local towns and see what they have to offer! But don’t get me wrong, I am always game for a good movie! Notice my movie reference?

Life for me has revolved around football, as I currently play for the 2018 National Champion Carolina Cobras of the National Arena League.I have been playing arena football for the past 4 years since I graduated from the University of Richmond.  With football, I have been able to travel to 37 of the 50 states, which is far more than I ever thought I would get to see. Two of my favorite stops in my travels have been Dallas TX, and Denver Colorado. Each place has something uniquely different from the other that I love. Dallas has some of the best BBQ I’ve ever had, as well as enjoying some time at a rodeo! I love going to Denver for the outdoor experiences! The mountains are beautiful, the trails are a blast to hike with my pup Nash, and the heat in the summer is bearable!

Growing up with my grandfather, who was a carpenter, helped lay the ground work for my interest in carpentry work and my eventual desire to become a carpenter. I remember the evenings when I was young where we would sit on the back of his little Chevy s10 and prep whatever he needed for work the next day. He told me a good carpenter always preps the night before, so you can enjoy your coffee in the morning.
I can’t wait to bring my joy and enthusiasm for what I do to your next project, just like my grandfather!!
“As far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a carpenter.” Chad Kolumber
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