Caleb Murrah

Caleb Murrah


I strongly admire and respect the vision of CQC, the core values and history resonates deeply with me. The desire to not only develop homes with substance and meaning that enrich the lives of others, but to also build up the lives of the people around you has always been a driving factor in my own goals and pursuits of success in life.

The core of my community and a large part of my identity since childhood has been the City of Durham. As my family moved constantly into houses that were under regular renovation, I was learning the ins and outs of home remodeling and renovation from an early age. Out of this I now have a greater appreciation of the importance of not just having a house, but having a home. A place of serenity and contentment that enriches the well being of our personal lives.

Murr-Woods Custom Cutting Blocks, was a entrepreneurial side venture I embarked on, creating high quality end grain cutting blocks that would last as heirloom items. My products were primarily sold at small local businesses and through local craft shows. The meticulous detailed creation of the boards required a keen eye for exact measurement as each individual component required precise dimensions in order to result in quality finished product as a whole. Furniture making and woodworking have always been a hobby for me, out of passion and necessity. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from my father who is also woodworker as well as utilize his shop space. From Sam Maloof style rocking chairs to refinishing thrift store furniture finds I typically have created woodworking projects that meet the criteria of both form and function. I am currently working on a mid-century modern styled bedroom set of my own design.

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