Burt Lawson

Burt Lawson CQC Durham Remodel Sales

I grew up in the Raleigh, NC area, but just spent the last 17 years in beautiful Charleston, SC. Just moved back to Raleigh this past year. Excited to see the cities growth and development change since leaving.

I have been in the sales industry for over 15 years. Having specialized in the beverage business for the past 3 years, working for Coca-Cola and Diaego Beer Company.

I am married to my wife, Nicole, of 9 years. We have three beautiful kids Vaughn, Raleigh and Della. My hobbies include playing golf and traveling with my son’s hockey team. Some fun facts about me… I had a golf scholarship while attending “The Citadel” in Charleston, SC (The Military College of South Carolina) and finished 4th in the nation in shag dancing!

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