I strongly admire and respect the vision of CQC, the core values and history resonates deeply with me. The desire to not only develop homes with substance and meaning that enrich the lives of others, but to also build up the lives of the people around you has always been a driving factor in my own goals and pursuits of success in life.

The core of my community and a large part of my identity since childhood has been the City of Durham. As my family moved constantly into houses that were under regular renovation, I was learning the ins and outs of home remodeling and renovation from an early age. Out of this I now have a greater appreciation of the importance of not just having a house, but having a home. A place of serenity and contentment that enriches the well being of our personal lives.

Murr-Woods Custom Cutting Blocks, was a entrepreneurial side venture I embarked on, creating high quality end grain cutting blocks that would last as heirloom items. My products were primarily sold at small local businesses and through local craft shows. The meticulous detailed creation of the boards required a keen eye for exact measurement as each individual component required precise dimensions in order to result in quality finished product as a whole. Furniture making and woodworking have always been a hobby for me, out of passion and necessity. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from my father who is also woodworker as well as utilize his shop space. From Sam Maloof style rocking chairs to refinishing thrift store furniture finds I typically have created woodworking projects that meet the criteria of both form and function. I am currently working on a mid-century modern styled bedroom set of my own design.

Recognizing that my favorite hobby has been dismantling the many houses I’ve lived in, and the effort of putting them back together (a hobby my husband is not so fond of). Has led me to make a career change from the software industry to remodeling and construction in 2003. I have worked with remodeling contractors in Durham and Seattle, Washington. Prior to joining CQC Home, I was the Director of Construction for Habitat for Humanity of Durham.

Being project management and operationally focused, I truly enjoy managing the renovation process and transforming homes. I strive to achieve excellence in every project I’m a part of. I am thrilled to be a part of the CQC team and back to remodeling homes again.

Originally from upstate New York, I’ve lived in Raleigh for over 20 years now. I am happy to have settled here after many moves. My husband Kristopher and I have one daughter, Kamren, two British Goldens and a large aquarium with reef fish. When I’m not remodeling something, we enjoy getting together with friends, skiing in the winter and beach trips in the summer.

With over 20 years in the Commercial and Residential Architecture field; I am thrilled to join the CQC Home family as the Design Director!  From a very early age I remember spending time with my father in his garage, sanding and preparing cars for paint. It was then that I realized how much gratification I received from seeing the fruits of my labor. Today I get that same gratification, if not more, from designing one-of-a-kind spaces for our clients and following it through to construction.

I was born and raised in the great state of North Carolina, Wilmington to be exact. I moved to the Raleigh area in 2009. Although it was difficult to say goodbye to the beach, as I’m a water girl through and through. I have come to enjoy all the wonderful outdoor opportunities this area provides. In my off time I enjoy playing tennis, volleyball, paddle boarding, biking, hiking and fishing………….pretty much anything outside.

My wife Melanie and I have two dogs, Chewy and Warry, that bring a tremendous amount of joy to our lives, and a tremendous amount of barking.  They are little so they must be heard!  We enjoy traveling and exploring new cities, as well as spending time at our condo on the coast.  We are active members of our church and are constantly seeking ways to serve others in need!

I am honored to be a member of the CQC Home family and look forward to helping our clients maximize the full potential of their existing homes!

I view life as an adventure that you only get one shot at. I smile everyday when my alarm goes off…I get another day. I grew up in Maryland and graduated as a Terp. I met my wife in a Chick-fil-a drive through. We have two amazing children who each have their own small business.

I started a general contracting company in Virginia where I was able to spread my wings in business, creativity, and physically exhausting work. I enjoy working hard with customers and making their vision become reality.

Clayton, NC became home shortly after my wife found her, “forever home” online. One week later, we visited, purchased, and became North Carolinians.
Working with CQC is special to me for many reasons. I truly believe in the company and the people I work with. Until CQC, I had not met a team that shared my level of integrity, quality, courage, passion, collaboration, and loyalty to themselves or their customers.

My family, my business, Christian values and achievement are at the core of my life. My family fulfills my desire to provide and care for others. CQC Home provides the opportunity to offer jobs, training and a sense of accomplishment to my employees.

I was born and grew up in Durham. I am committed to this diverse city. Its warm and generous people and the wide range of activities and opportunities it offers. I feel a commitment to give back to Durham and will continue to sponsor activities here that benefit the community.

In terms of achievement, perhaps I am a little driven… I thrive in fast-paced environments and began working in residential construction in my late teens. Luckily, I discovered my entrepreneurial streak early in life, selling lemonade in front of the Agape Corner on Holloway Street. I was 12 years old. Over the years, I  have worked 80 hour weeks, flipped cars, tools, and houses to finance the transition of CQC from a 2 person operation to what it is today.  My employees did the rest and are CQC’s most precious resource. Together, we try very hard to make our clients’ renovations as spectacular as possible. Running a business is 2nd nature to me. My internal code dictates honesty, forthrightness, and compassion for others. I try very hard to live and work these values.

I enjoy boating, fishing, and hosting BBQ’s with my friends & family, playing with my kids and watching them imitate our goats! My wife is starting a farm! As if our lives aren’t busy enough.

After growing up in Massachusetts, I moved to North Carolina for college and met the man of my dreams. We partnered together to build CQC Home into what it is today. I can remember helping Ken on job sites during the first 8 months of my pregnancy with our first kid. Along with Ken, I have learned a lot about the remodeling business and love that we have created a family culture that continues to grow.

I have a passion for design and helping people achieve their dreams for their homes. Our design team takes our clients dreams and translates them into something our field team can build. My favorite part of the project is seeing our client’s faces as they watch the transformation of their homes.

Personally, I have always wanted to live on a farm. As a compromise, we bought a house in the city with 5 acres and have over 20 animals running around. I am partial to our goats and have been able to teach our children valuable lessons as we care for them. I love bacon and freely admit that I am on a first-name basis with the local Bojangles near our office.  My food motto is, “it is ok to eat anything, as long as it has been cooked!”

I am looking forward to the future growth of CQC Home and the opportunities that it will provide for our employees, our second family!

My dad is a blue collar guy. Whether is was tinkering on his cars or tackling a project in our home, he was always using his hands and he brought me into that world at an early age. Working at CQC after being in the corporate world for 20 years has given him a great deal of satisfaction. I think he secretly feels that I am finally doing honest work.

My wife and I have been married for almost 20 years and have 3 children. Our lives have been full of adventure, which has included living in three different states, two countries and 10 homes during our marriage. We moved to the Triangle Area in 2016 and have enjoyed getting to know Durham and Chapel Hill, while exploring both the beach and the mountains. Having grown up in Minnesota, I have particularly loved the more moderate winters and seemingly endless spring and fall seasons.

My 20 years in the corporate world has given me a good background in team development and process improvement. I enjoy solving problems and making things better for our employees and customers.

Personally, I enjoy the outdoors. This includes backpacking in the Pisgah National Forest. Hiking in the Carolina North Forest near my house. Participating in group cycling rides and jumping in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. I also love participating and watching sports.

I feel fortunate to be a part of the CQC family. It is a pleasure be a part of improving the lives of our customers and employees.

I’m proud that I am a Master Joiner and was admitted into the Worshipful Company of Joiners in 2013. I won a national competition of college students where we built a library staircase in a day using traditional techniques.

Unique experience: I have lived in three continents, Europe, Africa and North America. They were all great places to live for different reasons. Africa was very memorable for the month long safaris we would take as a family during school holidays. Knowing the variety of landscapes so close in America has made me very eager to travel and explore.

I have 5 sisters and am the only boy in our family. It meant I was spoiled rotten by my sisters and any girlfriends had a hard time getting past their suitability standards. My name is Dickon…that’s also pretty quirky.

I’m originally from St. Augustine, Florida, which is – fun fact – the oldest settlement in the US! In 2007, I moved to Chicago for a change of pace & to see what winters were like. What a change that was! While in Chicago, I decided to pursue my passion of interior design & graduated from Harrington College of Design with high honors in 2014.

Later that year, my husband & I decided to move to Denver to get away from the concrete jungle. We loved living so close to the mountains, but decided it was time to relocate to North Carolina to be closer to our families in 2017. Thankfully, we found ourselves in Durham! What a great city with lots of changes & growth happening. It’s so fun to be a part of it!

While in Denver, I was awarded 1st Place at the NKBA Peak Awards for one of my bathroom designs & a finalist for another! I am CLIPP (Certified Living in Place Professional) certified & work with my clients to ensure their homes are not only beautiful, but safe & functional for years to come. My favorite aspect of design is creating a space that is a true reflection of my client & their lifestyle; making a house a home.

In my spare time, I like to attempt exasperating craft projects, hang out with my sheprador, Flapjack, & hunt for antiques!

I am so excited to be a part of the CQC Home family. I love showing our clients new ways of utilizing their spaces to their full potential. My favorite part of my job is educating clients about new products that will make their lives easier! Your home is your haven; why not have it be beautiful & functional at the same time? Let’s design it together!



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