Small Jobs Division

Why did CQC start a small jobs division?

We have found that we get a lot of requests to do projects that fall outside of our regular design-build process. 

  • These projects may fall into the following categories: 
    • Jobs that do not require design or drawings 
    • Simple exterior spaces
    • Regular maintenance
    • Large or small jobs with low complexity
    • Repairs

For more information on our design-build process please visit this area of our website

As a company, CQC Home strives to deliver excellence in client service. So, we wondered, “why were people not finding the right contractors for their smaller jobs?” Some of the reasons we have been given by past and current clients for struggling to find the right contractor to do this type of work include:

  • Companies not calling back after initial contact. 
  • Companies taking too long to gather information in a logical manner and provide a fixed price. 
  • Companies not showing up on time with schedules that are unclear or confusing. 
  • Final closing details or punch lists taking too long to complete. 

Under the CQC umbrella, we pride ourselves on taking care of our customers. We understand that often the smaller home projects are seen as just that: “small.” But we don’t see them that way. That is why we decided to create a separate division of our business dedicated to these types of projects.  Being able to service clients in a new venture with the same enthusiasm as we do in our design-build divisions is our guarantee.

The trusted brand of CQC Home is what will stand behind your next small project. No more “fly by night” handymen. From our first meeting through the final detailing items, you will always have the whole team to rely on and trust.

What do we do in small jobs?

Here is a sample list of project types that our small jobs division commonly completes. Projects may include, but are not limited to: 

Deck Protection
  • Jobs that require minimal design or minimal drawings: 
    • Interior space refreshes:      
      • These do not move plumbing or electrical and keep the same design layout:
        • Kitchen: countertop replacements, backsplash installs
        • Bathroom: bathroom floor replacements, shower tile replacements, vanity, and countertop replacements 
    • Custom built-ins like mudroom benches 
    • Opening up walls between rooms  
    • Adding closets to larger rooms 
  • Simple Exterior spaces:
    • Deck refreshes 
    • Smaller deck builds and pergolas
    • Handrail and stair rail replacements 
    • Installing chimney caps or repairing existing chimney caps 
  • We tackle regular maintenance projects:
    • Reapplying silicone at backsplashes and showers
    • Reapplying sealant at exterior joints
    • Seal countertops and natural stone showers
    • Painting
    • Floor refinishing
  • We tackle small or larger projects that have low complexity
    • Residing and siding repairs 
    • Replacement windows and doors
    • Roof replacement including skylights
    • Gutter and downspout replacements
    • Punch lists derived from home inspection reports: both from sellers and buyers
    • Replacement of electrical and plumbing fixtures
    • Updating electrical panels
    • Installing fireplaces: gas, wood or electric
    • Sealed and conditioned crawl spaces and attics
    • Home projects as small as hanging blinds, drapes or pictures
  • We tackle jobs that are repairs: 
    • Cracked tiles, grout that needs replacing
    • Screen porch re-screens and screen door replacements

Our process:

Please call our main line 919-971-5119 where you will talk to Jamie. She can walk you through the next steps which will look much like this:

  • Chris, who runs our small jobs division, will set up an initial meeting with you and offer these follow-ups: 
    • Any homework needed on your end: inspiration photos, scope clarification, design ideas, selections. 
    • We will work on ballparks; usually the first meeting will provide enough information to provide these. Ballparks are the price range you can expect for the described scope of work. You can expect these within 2 days of the visit. 
    • If the ballparks work for your budget we will proceed to refine the scope of work. Inspiration photos and selections are very important at this phase. 
    • The feasibility study. This is the work after ballparks are approved that gets us to an official scope of work, design and set price. This part of the process should take approximately 5-10 business days: 
      • For scopes of work that include more than 4 hours of design or estimation, there will be a $500 minimum fee and up to $1500. 
      • For jobs that require an engineer as part of the feasibility there will be a minimum engineering fee of $400. 
      • If you are having trouble making selections or are unsure of the design this will take longer. 
      • It benefits both parties that the feasibility study moves at a steady pace. 
      • Chris will work with you to ensure you are keeping on track to be completed within our 10 business day goal. 
    • Agreeing on scope and price: 
      • This is just as it reads but getting to an agreeable price can take a few days. In the past, this can take a week or more as there might be many moving parts. 
    • Build contract: 
      • After the price, scope and design are agreed upon we move to a build contract. 
      • In the contract you can expect: 

Who does the work:

Chris Sherrin has been part of our team since the very start of our small jobs division and we are very proud to have him with us. For more information read Chris’s bio.

  • His expert team is led by Alex Burell.

We hope to add more people as we find excellent talent and we are very excited for the future of this venture. 

Is the CQC Home small jobs division right for you?

  • These are the types of projects that are more appropriate for our design-build divisions: 
    • Bathroom and kitchen updates: 
      • If you want to move appliances, electrical or plumbing. This is more appropriate for our design-build team. 
      • If you want a major overhaul or one or more rooms. 
      • Your vision requires an addition.
      • Your project requires multiple complex elements. 
    • If you are in any way uncertain if your project is a small job project please do not hesitate to call. 
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