Our team got together for a company photo followed by a kickball game and picnic this past weekend.

It was a fun day full of laughter (and a little healthy competition) and we all had an amazing time.

But how does this translate to a better remodeling experience for you?

We’re a team. Many other companies hire contractors and have to communicate, schedule, replace, and manage many different contractors with conflicting schedules.

All of our employees are full time. From laborers in the field, to carpenters building from scratch, to project managers, to our office staff.

Every company is a team that needs to be able to communicate. Our CEO has created a team that checks in with each other. We have multiple ways to reach other and text the whole company when anyone needs to reach someone else.

The strength of our team lends to making us more able to do your renovation quickly and accurately.

If you’ve ever had a terrible contractor, you’ll appreciate a team that works together to keep your home clean, do their work well, do it quickly, push through speed bumps, and respect you along the way.

Throughout the kickball game there was plenty of bluster, but when the opposing team made a great kick, catch, base steal, or run, we were one team lifting that person up. After the game it certainly felt like we were more tightly knit.

We bring the same devotion and teamwork to our clients’ homes. We work together towards a common goal.

What are the benefits? An easier process. Loving your home even more than you did before. A home run with our team’s help.
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