Your bathroom is in need of an upgrade, but you’re on a budget. No need to change the square foot size of the bathroom or completely gut the plumbing. There are a few easy design tips to freshen up your bathroom that won’t break the bank, like changing your shower curtain, updating the countertop, or replacing an old toilet seat. Here are three of our favorite inexpensive bathroom upgrades that can transform a room from outdated to modern.

1.) Paint your walls.

Sometimes, all a room needs to feel new is a fresh coat of paint. The color of your bathroom can affect the lighting and mood in a room. For example, a beach-themed bathroom with light teal walls can evoke the feeling of being on the beach with the open sky and the relaxing sound of waves. In this master bathroom remodel, we created a more spacious shower enclosure by removing an old storage cabinet and adding larger tiles to make the space look bigger. With natural light and a warm “Crisp Linen” paint color, the master bathroom became a warm and inviting oasis.

Double vanity bathroom with light tan paint
Light tan bathroom with glass shower

2.) Change your fixtures.

Another easy and inexpensive change can be your fixtures. Whether it’s your sink, cabinet, or lighting fixtures, the faucet or handles can cast the bathroom in an entirely new light. This can be as simple as choosing nickel over brass drawer pulls or a matte finish rather than a glossy finish on plumbing fixtures. You can also add new fixtures, like extra towel bars. We added a towel warmer to this classic master bathroom design to provide all the amenities of a spa. Along with the spacious shower and easy access to the closet, the towel warmer adds an element of luxury to the “Sleepy Blue” bathroom – time for a spa day!

light blue painted bathroom
bathroom with glass shower and closet

3.) Freshen or reapply caulk, grout, and more.

If you have tile in your bathroom, the grout in between the tiles can become stained and the caulking around the tub may develop mold and mildew. No matter how clean your bathroom is, these materials eventually show signs of wear and need to be reapplied. Caulking is typically used around the tub or shower as a waterproof seal between the tiles and tub. Grout is usually applied to keep tiles from moving and fill the space between tiles. Consider reapplying fresh caulk around the tub or shower and new grout to remove any signs of wear and tear. Another cost-saving freshening technique is refinishing the tub. We re-used this tub in our guest bathroom renovation and re-glazed it with a porcelain white finish. This made the tub look like new without breaking the budget buying a new bathtub.

before photo of small outdated shower
Updated shower with new tile, fixtures, and re-glazed tub

These three simple steps are cost-effective and bring new life to your bathroom. If you have a larger remodeling project, consider asking CQC Home to help with your kitchen remodel, new addition, or whole home renovation. We are proud to serve homeowners in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Cary. Want to learn more about our bathroom projects? Take a look at our bathroom remodeling services or our bathroom project gallery. At CQC Home, we strive to help you create your dream home and personal oasis.