If spending more quality time at home with your family has made you realize that your house could use some improvements in order to better suit your needs, you are not alone. Currently, homeowners are increasingly focused on finding new and creative ways to maximize their space. Whether that means expanding a living space to the outdoors or finishing an attic or basement, we have some great ideas that are sure to inspire you.

Create A Family-Friendly Outdoor Space

When you and your family need more space, one of the most logical and affordable places to look is outside. With the correct elements and thoughtful design, your outdoor space can feel like another room in your home. Consider adding a deck or patio that can be designed for any purpose that you can dream of. Does your house have a tiny kitchen? Turn your patio into an outdoor kitchen, complete with a grill, pizza oven, and prep area.  When you add in bar seating or a dining table, it becomes the perfect place for family to gather and enjoy a meal.

If your household could use more space to kick back and relax, turn your porch or patio into a family room. Make sure you provide comfortable seating and have a television or movie screen installed. The addition of a fire pit or fireplace offers a fun alternative to evenings spent in front of a screen.

For a space that is useful in any type of weather, consider a covered or enclosed porch or patio so that you can enjoy your extra space no matter what mother nature throws at you.

Above, this all-season porch with retractable screens and a gorgeous fireplace offers a cozy spot for friends and family to come together all year long.

Finish An Attic, Basement or Bonus Room

If your home has an unfinished area such as an attic, basement, or bonus room, now is the perfect time to turn it into a liveable space. With help from a knowledgeable expert, your unfinished area can go from wasted space to an inviting spot that will serve your family’s needs. Tackling an attic or basement remodel may sound like an overwhelming task, but when you consider that the space is already enclosed, no foundation needs to be poured, and there is nearby electricity to tap into, this can be an affordable way to gain that square footage that you so desperately need. Your renovated space could become a perfect playroom, family room, extra bedroom, office – the possibilities are endless. 

Above, this attic transformation turned a dark and unused space into a bright and cheery spot with plenty of storage. 

In these unprecedented times, our homes are our safe places, but many of us wish they were a little larger. With these family-friendly renovation ideas, you can turn your home into the perfect place for your family to play, work, grow, and thrive. If you are considering a home renovation, contact the experts at CQC home today to get started.