Chapel Hill Low Maintenance Zuri Decking and Exterior Fireplace Remodel

When a composite deck doesn’t last use; Zuri Decking.

For this exterior project, the homeowner’s already had a great exterior living space. The problem was it was warping! That’s right. Literally the deck boards, made from a composite material, were pulling away from the framing and started to have a wave or a “bump” right in the middle! You can imagine how fun this might be for a skate park, but a deck for entertaining… not so much. A product that we enjoy working with is Zuri decking. Unlike this other warped composite material, Zuri backs itself with a 25 year warranty. It’s virtually maintenance free. It has no fading, no yearly staining required, and it does not scratch! What more could you want from an outdoor product.


Chapel Hill Existing Deck Plan
Chapel Hill Existing Deck Plan
Chapel Hill New Deck Plans
Chapel Hill New Deck Plans









For more information on Zuri, Please check it out here. It has a vast list of reasons why Zuri works best. We have also used it for multiple outdoor projects. We were even featured on their brochure box with this deck!

For this design, we worked with the homeowner’s to see how they used the space. We noticed that there was a tightening from the deck to the existing screen porch. For the build phase we opted to expand the deck a bit more. We created a wider walkway to the screen porch area giving both more room and an aesthetically pleasing shape to the new deck. We also added in more “living space” with a new fire pit sitting patio area. Installing an additional stair access point, to allow for easier access to the new space.

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Project Specs:

  • Zuri Brand “Walnut” Finish Deck Boards
  • Stainless Steel Cable Railing and IPE Cap
  • Granite Work Surface w/ Mini Fridge
  • Techo Bloc -Mista Paver in Chestnut Brown and Champlain Grey Mix
  • Masonry Fire Pit Wall
  • Chardonnay Boral Country Ledgestone Masonry Wall w/ Stone Veneer
  • Tenesse Stone Wall & Pillar Cap w/ Rock Face Edge
  • Zuri Brand Walnut Privacy Screen for HVAC units
  • Matte Black “Bay Street” 3 Light Post Lights
  • Low Voltage LED Riser Lights
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