All-Season Comfort

Governor’s Club, Chapel Hill, NC

  • Style

    Screened porch and deck with fireplace

  • Space Added

    1800 square feet

Project Specs:
  • Built on a mountain. Ground was filled with boulders that had to be excavated. Footings had to be extra stout.  Some boulders were too big to excavate and had to be engineered with rebar in them to be integrated into the footings poured on top of them.
  • Custom electric screens retract into the ceiling to provide open or closed feel by remote control (screens are retracted in the pictures),
  • True masonry fireplace with labor-intensive stacked stone (random-sized stones mortared together like a puzzle),
  • Custom outdoor speakers and TV.
  • Provided whole house roofing to create seamless transition from porch to main house.
  • Composite decking material provided by Zuri.
  • Deck column wraps are built to hide all seams and joints.
  • Stainless steel handrails with Ipe wood tops
  • Floor system uses lateral blocking every 24 inches for the first two joist bays nearest the edge around the perimeter so that the handrails have no give and feel extremely solid.
  • Interior ceiling is solid oak.
  • 8 blade large fan
  • Extensive custom lattice work on front of deck provides seamless transition from house to deck.

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