For most people, the thought of home remodeling brings two emotions:

1) joy at having your dream realized;
2) and anxiety about how painful the process might be with some remodeling contractors.

We have all heard the horror stories that have indeed been painful. But at CQC, we have honed our process over nearly 17 years in business in North Carolina. It is a very different process than is typical with home remodeling contractors, and one that aims to get you the dream home you deserve and desire without the headache you expect!

      • An initial meeting will be scheduled between the customer and one of our owners. This meeting will start with questions to get a clear understanding of where your frustration lies in your home and what you are hoping to accomplish. At the conclusion of this meeting, an understanding of everyone’s expectations are absolutely clear. We should have an agreed upon budget range, clear design and function goals, and a timetable to move forward.

      • We will contact the customer with a proposed price range and any credibility information they may like i.e. pictures of past similar projects, references, insurances, etc.

      • After CQC has been deemed the best fit and the customer agrees to join our team, a second meeting between the CQC officer, our designer, and the customer is scheduled, typically within 3 to 10 days of the initial meeting. At such time contracts will be signed and a deposit required. It is important to realize that the first expenditure of dollars is after general scope details are agreed to and a contract is signed.

      • CQC designer will provide drawings and planning staff will acquire details for scope!

      • Upon completion of drawings and scope, a meeting will be set up with the Head of Construction and Planning. This meeting will typically occur within one week after signing contract. The Head of Construction will review the scope and ensure that the scope of work as sold can be executed as expected. At that time, the drawings and renderings of the project will be presented. We will have a discussion about the construction process, when potential start times are available and an estimate of time to project completion. We will then prepare the CQC field staff for the project’s execution. Our Pre-Construction Department will handle all HOA filings and procure all necessary permits. A lock box will then be put on house with a CQC sign in your yard!

      • As needed, CQC will offer the services of an in-house interior designer to assist with choices such as tile, granite slabs, appliances, color, or any other area where this support will be helpful.

      • Upon the close of pre-construction, a hand off will occur to the field execution staff of CQC. This group will include your project manager who will be your single point of contact, responsible for the execution of your project, and act as your customer advocate. You will also have an on-site project foreman.

      • During the construction process there will be ongoing communication between CQC and the customer. This will happen on an agreed upon basis with your project manager, as well as your field foreman and our in-house division administrator. The design consultant, interior designer and the head of pre-construction will be available and called in as needed. This is a collaborative process and the strength and quality of these relationships are very important to a successful end result.

      • At project completion a final walk-through will occur before final payment is required.

      • At 30 days we will do a complimentary walk through, all warranty items will be scheduled here!