Tired are the days of the dead end kitchen layouts. You know, the “once you’re in you are stuck there”, “one way in one way out”. So what are you to do with all that space once you have decided to bring the walls down? Double kitchen islands have been our suggestion to clients, and they have been happy to oblige!

With the kitchen being the heart of your home, it only makes sense to want to incorporate more opportunities for your family and friends to be together in that space. A double island does just that by serving as a dining room within the kitchen itself.

The functionality, as well as the design element are equal. Just think of how much easier it’ll be to “set the table” in the same room you are preparing your family’s meal in! You will also increase your amenity choices by having two islands with access on all four sides. Just think of the possibilities – built-in spice racks, a stand mixer built-in, and tip-out trays are all options available to you.

Spending more time by your new kitchen double island when guests are over will bring up all the elements of your new renovation. CQC Home loves creating beautiful kitchens with lots of amenities and functionality. Give us a call us today to get the process started!