The kitchen is the heart of the home for many families. Families bond over preparing meals and the kitchen is often a communal area during parties and get-togethers. It’s also one of the most important rooms in which function and design must be properly balanced. A well-organized kitchen makes cooking a pleasure and is much easier to keep clean. There are several popular design trends that will keep your kitchen organized without compromising on style.

Kitchen Islands

In addition to providing extra counter space, kitchen islands can also be used for storage and organization. A kitchen island can store dishes, recipe books, pots and pans and more. This storage space allows you to keep more items off the counter and can help keep your kitchen neat.

Large Kitchen Island
Large Kitchen Island
Large 6 Foot Island
Large 6 Foot Island

Cabinet Inserts

Custom cabinetry makes kitchen organization easy. Our general contractors can build kitchen cabinets with shelves and drawers to fit your specific needs. Common cabinet inserts are roll-out pot and pan holders, spice cabinets, and roll-out trash compartments.

Hidden Storage Trays

Keep your counter clear with hidden kitchen storage trays. Design ideas like hidden sponge trays help reduce clutter while keeping the items you need easily accessible. These trays are very popular in new and newly remodeled kitchens.

Custom Pull-out Trays

One of the key ways to keep your kitchen clean is to have designated places for everything to be stored. Pull-out drawers are hidden behind cabinet doors so that you can retrieve whatever you need with ease. Roll-out trays are perfect for your kitchen pantry.

Custom Utensils Drawers

Silverware and utensils come in all shapes and sizes. Custom cutlery drawers can help you save space while organizing everything in one drawer. Store-bought silverware drawers often include extra room for your cutlery to jiggle around. We can create custom silverware drawers that fit your exact needs and efficiently utilizes space.

Wall-Mounted Options

Floating shelves and rails for hanging pots are great ways to add style and functionality to your kitchen. These kitchen storage options also help free up cabinet space for other items.

Lazy Susan Cabinets

The lazy susan cabinet is the best way to make corner cabinets more useful. Typically, it’s very difficult to reach items that have been put into a corner cabinet because of its shape. A lazy susan allows you to easily pull out whatever you need and saves corner cabinets from being an impractical space for storing items in your kitchen.

Built-In Storage & Appliances

Kitchen gadgets and appliances come in all shapes and sizes. The best way to accommodate them is with a custom cabinet solution specifically designed for your gadgets. For example, a microwave under your kitchen island or mounted to your cabinets saves lots of counter space. Built-in storage is one of the most popular kitchen organization designs because it can be used to fit your exact needs.

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