North Durham Coles Pond
Master Bathroom Remodel

North Durham, NC

A Master Bathroom Designed After a Hotel Suite

Built in the late 90’s this home was ready for a face-lift. When the new buyers reached out to us, they knew that they wanted to update all of the bathrooms in the house. We started with the most important, the master. Initially the first thing that jumped out to our design team was the functionality of the bathroom layout. The tub and the toilet were put together and the shower was in a small coffin-like space. The team collaborated with the homeowners on a new layout that would incorporate the existing tub within the new shower space. This provided the luxury feeling of a hotel spa bathroom that the homeowner’s were looking for.

New Design Layout Ideas Ahead

Looking at the existing floor plan view to the new layout, we can see the obvious changes. But, lets walk through them together. We swapped the existing shower area, for a new private commode room. This really helped to define the wet room space, as well as, give some much needed privacy. We did have to adjust some minor framing for this to be feasible, meaning a lot of our budget was able to go towards the finishes, and we sacrificed the linen closet for the shower. We made a complete tiled wet room for the tub surround and a shower room. Our design team wants to make sure that the space is both aestically beautiful, as well as, practical. We opted for dual shower heads in this space. The handheld shower wand makes cleaning a cinch.

We were even able to add in some much needed storage to the vanity area with a tall linen cabinet. After losing the linen closet I am sure that you thought that it was a terrible idea! But, have no fear. Our designers are here to make it feel luxurious, while still being able to be functional. Not very common in most hotel design cases, storage doesn’t seem to be an issue.