Duke Park Interior Home Remodel
with Kitchen Bump-out Addition

Duke Park

Home Remodel with Kitchen Bump-out Addition

A stunning renovation in a historic home in Duke Park, adds square footage to the entire house, and a peaceful sunroom addition for even more entertaining space. We originally were presented with the idea to simply remodel the existing kitchen space. After meeting with Ken, the owner, he came up with a solution that included expanding the kitchen space. With this bump-out we were able to achieve the final look for the kitchen that the homeowner was really expecting. We added the additional square footage and made the kitchen line up with the existing dining room exterior walls.

However, with all projects we find, once you see the pretty new things next to your old… you wish that you just did everything. So, this also meant that they wanted to take off their existing deck, as it was now in the way, and wanting to replace their existing screen porch. We transformed the screen porch into a sun-room to make it more usable all year long.

This new kitchen turned out beautiful.

Space Remodeled: 900 square feet

Project Specs


Added new sunroom in place of existing screen porch


Vintage tin tray ceiling


Reclaimed 100 year old heart pine flooring


Bella Low-E tempered windows


Mini split HVAC system