Don’t Let These Important Projects Fall Through the Cracks

Fall is officially here! Your friends at CQC Home wanted to remind you of the preventative maintenance you should start gearing up for to prevent damages that may occur during the upcoming winter weather. Contact us to get these following projects completed sooner than later!


Exterior Paint

We all know that North Carolina weather is highly unpredictable. It can be 85 degrees on a Monday and a high of 60 degrees two days later until sometime in November. One good thing about that, besides not storing away your summer clothes until late November, is you have some time to fit in painting the exterior of your home. This will help preserve the longevity of your home’s appearance!

Deck Protection

Sadly, the summer barbecues are over! Help sustain your deck until next year’s Memorial Day weekend party by pressure washing and sealing it for the winter months. This will help with stains from mildew, algae, rust spots, and tannin bleed.

Insulate Plumbing

Not insulating your plumbing will result in your water heater working twice as hard to heat your water. And that means a higher electricity bill, which is probably already the case in the winter months. What would make matters worse is that bursting or freezing could ever occur!

Let CQC Home identify plumbing lines inside and out that may be exposed so we can winterize your plumbing.

We know that this time of year you are focusing more on the approaching holidays. Call CQC Home so we can take care of these preventative projects for you!

Year-Round Sunroom Oasis

Love the outdoors but not the North Carolina humidity? If so, then adding a sunroom to your home will be perfect!


When furnishing your sunroom keep in mind that the sun will be beaming down on your brand new furniture. This can result in your furniture being damaged. To avoid this, consider purchasing outdoor furniture which is designed to better withstand the effects of the sun.


Contrary to popular belief, sunrooms can be used year-round. During the colder seasons, you can use any type of portable electric heating device to keep the room nice and warm.

Personalize It

Whether it is vaulting the ceilings in your new space or adding custom curtains, don’t be shy about sprucing it up! After all, you are going to be spending lots of time in this room.

Use of Space

Whether you use the sunroom as a book nook, a TV room or your second living room, it is sure to become the favorite room in your home!

Contact CQC Home today and let’s explore the many options for designing the perfect sunroom for your home.

Epic Backyard Cookout and Party Decks

It’s about that time of the year when we start throwing epic backyard parties and cookouts again. But before you do any party throwing, you’ll need one important thing — a deck! Instead of having your guests sit or stand on the grass, have them sit on the beautiful outdoor furniture you purchased for your brand new deck. Here are some tips to consider than can help CQC Home create the perfect deck for you:

  • Have an idea of how you’ll want your deck to built. Do you want your new deck attached to your door? Or do you want your deck to be freestanding (built separately from your house wall), or have you considered having a second-story deck?
  • Providing us with plans/blueprints can give us something to build off of, no pun intended.
  • To make your deck the talk of the town, add screening to protect you and your guests from pesky insects and other outdoor elements.

CQC Home will make sure your deck is built to local codes and will have the correct permits, so call us today!