Add a Convenient Pot Filler Over Your Stove

The density of water is a bit over eight pounds per gallon. Bet you have said to yourself “Sheesh, how heavy is this pot?” as you’re struggling to get from the sink to the stove. Just imagine the struggle as you’re preparing a meal that requires four different pots be used simultaneously. That’s equivalent to a mini work out! CQC Home can solve this reoccurring problem by installing a pot filler over your stove.

Granted, having a pot filler over your stove doesn’t save you the trip to dump the remaining hot water in a sink. The silver lining there is that so much of the water will have evaporated, making the pot substantially lighter than when you started the dish! Nonetheless, the purpose the pot filler serves can make a real difference in an active kitchen with a regular turnaround of water-filled pots.

Let CQC Home install this helping hand while we renovate your kitchen!

Make a Statement With Tile Patterns

A statement tile floor in a historic home bathroom has taken my breath away a time or two before. But that statement floor could also easily be a disaster discussion amongst the neighborhood gals. Less is more, though a clique is one I do find to be true in certain aspects.

Choosing a tile you absolutely love can be spiced up just by the way you have our skilled craftsmen lay it. Here I chose to focus on the top two tile pattern layouts we have been installing and are unquestionably here to stay!

Herringbone Tile Pattern

We are seeing a lot of this pattern being showcased on our clients bathroom backsplash and shower walls. This innovative pattern gives your tile choice flare. The kitchen backsplash is another location where it’s a big hit!

Hexagon Tile Pattern

Kitchen and bathroom floors are being hexed by the minute. It may have something to do with the compatibility it seems to have with all styles of interiors. Whether it’s classic, urban, modern, or even contemporary.

Call on CQC Home to help you decide how to make a statement with your tile patterns today!

Kohler Smart Divide Apron Front Sink

Want a kitchen sink that is elegant yet warm, functional yet durable? Consider the Kohler Whitehaven Self-Trimming Smart Divide apron front sink. With your sink being one of the most visible and used items in your kitchen, requiring that it be tenacious but stylish is a request we hear a lot from our homeowners during design phase. When we suggest this particular sink, this is where the search usually ends.


With it’s farmhouse style, this sink is the finishing touch to any color scheme. The self-trimming design allows a single rough cut to lap over the face of the cabinet, resulting in a streamlined look. The crafted enameled cast iron is another remarkably appealing feature.


The larger basin on one side allows for easy cleaning of larger pots and pans. It has been constructed to fit in most standard 36-inch apron-front cabinetry.


Resistance to chipping, burning and cracking can all be checked off your list with this beauty. The cast iron is not only aesthetically pleasing, it gives years of dependable performance.

Touch base with CQC Home to get this basin implemented into your kitchen renovation now!

Kitchen Range Hoods

The purpose of a range hood in your kitchen is to increase the air quality throughout the home that is otherwise filled with smoke, grease, scents and steam from cooking. Yes, having a carbon monoxide detector is great to warn you of a problem, but a range hood actually prevents the issue by giving your kitchen range the proper ventilation needed. Did I mention they also increase your resale value? So now just how do you decide which type of appliance hood to select…

Duct/Vented Hoods

Duct hoods are connected to your home’s existing air duct system, hence the name. The air is filtered to the outside and the most effective and efficient. Though preferred, they are not always feasible – something we would be able to determine during design phase. Another factor is the style of range you desire. If you opt for a gas range, a vented hood is required in order to be up to code.

Ductless Hoods

A ductless hood filters the air through carbon filters, returning the air back into your kitchen. These systems tend to be more affordable as they don’t require being hooked up to your home’s duct system. Some maintenance is required with this hood – the filters must be cleaned regularly, but are often dishwasher safe.

Downdraft Hoods

Downdraft range hood systems are necessary if you wish to place a cooktop or a range in an island or peninsula. We are equipped and qualified to handle the specialized HVAC and designing needs for such appliances.

Call CQC Home to help you select from the many range hood options that enhance the attractiveness of your kitchen while protecting your family. With the endless array of styles, colors, and textures to select from, we are sure to find one suited for your kitchen’s style and color scheme!

Kitchen Double Islands

Tired are the days of the dead end kitchen layouts. You know, the “once you’re in you are stuck there”, “one way in one way out”. So what are you to do with all that space once you have decided to bring the walls down? Double kitchen islands have been our suggestion to clients, and they have been happy to oblige!

With the kitchen being the heart of your home, it only makes sense to want to incorporate more opportunities for your family and friends to be together in that space. A double island does just that by serving as a dining room within the kitchen itself.

The functionality, as well as the design element are equal. Just think of how much easier it’ll be to “set the table” in the same room you are preparing your family’s meal in! You will also increase your amenity choices by having two islands with access on all four sides. Just think of the possibilities – built-in spice racks, a stand mixer built-in, and tip-out trays are all options available to you.

Spending more time by your new kitchen double island when guests are over will bring up all the elements of your new renovation. CQC Home loves creating beautiful kitchens with lots of amenities and functionality. Give us a call us today to get the process started!

Finding You Design Style: Kitchen Trends of 2017

Whether you’re designing your kitchen to match the decor of other rooms, or planning your whole home’s look around the kitchen, you can make it a beautiful reflection of your personal style. Even if you aren’t interested in gutting your kitchen and starting from scratch with a new design and layout, there are a few options that have become increasingly popular in 2017.

Gray is the New White

Thanks to shows on HGTV like “Property Brothers” and “Rehab Addict”, our cabinet manufacturers say that white cabinets continue to be #1 selling cabinet. But gray is the new color they’re betting on to break white’s top spot. This kitchen using Cabico pairs soft gray cabinets with charcoal brush stroke and bronze stained upper cabinets, showcasing yet another kitchen trend — combining cabinet colors is a trendy look, and it’s holding strong.

Maximizing Cabinet Storage

Kraftmaid cabinetry offers a wide variety of storage options. Upper cabinet options include spice racks, reverse-a-shelf kits and tiered shelving. Not to be forgotten, the ever growing number of options for base cabinets include trashcan pullouts, rollout trays, cutlery dividers, even an old fashioned bread box. By using cabinet inserts like these, it maximizes the storage capacity without compromising aesthetics.

Adding a Bit of Flair

Looking at 2017 as a whole (so far), it has been a year of accessories. We often recognize that people design with trends while maintaining something neutral enough for the masses to love, keeping in mind the “resale”.

But, this year, that is all out the window! Literally.

As seen here, modifying the window to be a pass through to the exterior living space it a bold move. But, boy does it pay off. It is both a functional piece with a hang over bar for holding refreshments, as well as dirty dishes that need to be sent back inside.

Whatever your style is, we are here to help pull it all together.

How Can a Design-Build Remodeling Company Help with My Kitchen?

Sometimes, when something seems too good to be true, it is. But, NOT in this case. At CQC Home it’s simple – we design it… and then… we build it.

But why? As one of the top home remodelers in the area, have come across several things over the past decade working with architects, outside design firms, house flippers, etc. But one thing is common with them all – the person designing the space was not privy to the real-world costs to actually build the design or new floor plan.

It’s a tale as old as time. The homeowner is frustrated that the designer is not able to give build cost pricing. Or the homeowner’s scope of work is way over budget and they can’t understand why or where to cut costs. This results in a lot of back and forth, and months of struggling to find where the money is being spent, and lots of redesigning and drafting. By hiring an in-house draftsperson and designer, we at CQC Home have eliminated that frustrating step.

We provide measurements for the existing layout, give new layout options and a 3D rendering of the new space. And our selections specialist will help you to pick out the items that work for your home and your budget.

Here is a recent kitchen we worked on together. In the photos you can see the “Before”, a “3D Render” that allows the homeowner to better visualize their new space and an “After” of the completed kitchen.

We look forward to working together with you! Give us a call to set up your design consultation today.

Retro Renovations – Antique Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

It’s not uncommon to hear “Modern Farmhouse” these days. Thanks to shows like “Fixer Upper” with Joanna Gaines, we all want shabby chic, farmhouse, shiplap everywhere!

A vintage farmhouse sink — it needed some love, but had great lines and was such a statement piece for the time period of this home from the 1920’s.

According to Forbes magazine, to decorate and design your older home you should do one of ten things. For us, we only needed #8 “Mix Traditional and Modern Pieces” using the old traditional style of the sink with the modern glass work in the upper cabinets. By incorporating dark countertops, we were able to design the kitchen around the sink, keeping it the focal point of the space. Not an easy task when kitchen counter tops these days are trying to steal the show!

To see a few more “After” photos of the space and some other rooms we worked on in the house, please follow us on Facebook, Houzz, Pinterest or right here on the CQC Home Blog!

Choosing a Kitchen Countertop

Granite or Quartz? Get tips on how to find the right countertop for your kitchen remodel.

At CQC Home, our designers have noticed that about half our clients select a granite countertop, while the other half chooses a quartz countertop. Counters are one of the most hotly debated selection items. Don’t believe us? Just watch any episode on HGTV’s “Love It or List It”. The homeowners always LOVE a particular surface material, and they HATE the other. The key for our designers is to establish the wants vs. the needs, and keeping it all on budget.

So, is one really better than the other? Well, here are the facts. We’ll let you decide.

Granite Countertops

  • Granite is 100% natural. It is mined from quarries from all around the world, then cut and polished to a manageable size.
  • Granite can have so much movement and pattern, given that it was made from molten, pressurized rocks. So, no two granite slabs will ever be the exact same.
  • Granite is a more cost effective option, especially if the stone if from a local quarry.
  • Granite countertops should be cleaned daily with soap and water or a mild household cleaner.
  • To ensure the longevity of your investment, consider having your countertops resealed once a year.

Quartz Countertop

  • Quartz is a man-made product, using 95% ground natural quartz and 5% polymer resins.
  • Quartz can be made to look the same with much more consistency.
  • Quartz, because it is man-made, is more labor intensive than just polishing a natural stone and can cost up to twice as much as granite.
  • Quartz countertops should be cleaned daily with soap and water or a mild household cleaner.
  • The solid surface of quartz means there is no need to have your countertops resealed, resulting in less maintenance.

Countertops set the tone for your kitchen. Our in-house kitchen designer and our selections specialist is here to help you choose the materials and a look that not only reflect your style, but also are in line with how you use your kitchen. Did we mention they are the “Best of Durham” award winning designers? Give us a call to set up a design consultation today!

Install Skylights to Brighten and Open Up Your Home

Installing skylights into your home is a very bright idea! Not only do they look beautiful, but they bring in natural lighting helping, conserve energy and brighten up any room.

The two main types of skylights that CQC Home installs are Fixed and Operable skylights. These skylights can be placed in any area of your home and help make spaces appear larger.

Adding a skylight to your kitchen or bathroom can create a different effect than a regular old window. In the winter, regular windows only catch low-angled rays from the sun. In the summer, regular windows prevent you from getting as much sunlight as possible, resulting in a dimly lit room.

If you decide to install skylights in your kitchen, there is a possibility that your cabinets can be exposed to too much sun causing your cabinets to get sun bleached. To prevent that, get a gray or bronze-tinted glass.

Let us help make your home feel bigger and look brighter today!