Top 3 Kitchen Trends According to Houzz for 2022

Recent surveys of homeowners have learned that kitchen remodeling projects are currently at a 4 year high in popularity. According to Houzz, homeowners are most eager to invest in countertops, modern appliances, and islands when preparing for a kitchen remodel in 2022. But let’s dig a little deeper. Investing in Countertops Countertops are the most … Continued

Tips for a Kitchen Renovation in a Rental Property

Making a success of your renovation in a rental property involves a careful balance between the costs of managing the property and the income from the asset. Most times, your costs will be limited to paying for everyday items that help to keep the property operational. But occasionally, you will need to do major projects … Continued

A Place for Everything in Your Kitchen

It is great to accept your friends’ and family’s offer to help out with the cooking and cleaning, but if your kitchen is disorganized and cluttered that help only leads to more work on your part. It may be time to take stock of your storage needs and create a kitchen where there is ‘a … Continued

The Top 5 Most Requested Kitchen Upgrades

A beautiful, functional and updated kitchen can bring joy to you and your family and increase the value of your home. Whether you are looking for inspiration, or wondering how to best invest your money in your kitchen, our list of the top five most requested kitchen upgrades is sure to point you in the … Continued

5 Gorgeous Backsplash Trends

We love to help homeowners showcase their personal style and creativity through the design choices that they make. When it comes to the kitchen, the possibilities are endless. One of our favorite ways to make a statement in a kitchen is with a unique backsplash. Whether you are remodeling your entire kitchen or just looking … Continued

Top 4 Tile Providers In Raleigh

When it comes to choosing the right tile for an interior or exterior remodeling project, the options are seemingly endless. That’s why we have worked hard to establish close relationships with the best tile providers in Raleigh who can provide our clients with unparalleled products and expertise. These specialists understand that our clients want high-quality … Continued

What is the Best Range Hood for Your Kitchen?

If you are planning a kitchen remodel, there are plenty of things to think about. What kind of countertops do you want? What cabinet color should you pick? Do you want a gas stove or electric range top? One of the more recent topics of discussion when it comes to kitchen design also happens to … Continued

2020 Trends: Built-In Seating For Your Kitchen

One of the hottest kitchen trends right now is custom banquette seating. Not only is it efficient and convenient, it feels cozy and inviting.  A kitchen nook with a built-in bench is the perfect place for weeknight dinners, lazy Sunday brunches or 2 a.m. chats with old friends. If you are wondering how you can … Continued

Kitchen Designs Sure To Give You #kitchengoals

A swoon-worthy kitchen is something we all dream about. Whether that means shiplap and a farm sink, or an ultra-modern, minimalist design, there is no shortage of ideas for remodeling your kitchen. Let’s take a look at some amazing kitchen designs that will give you #kitchengoals. Kitchen Color Palettes We Love The colors that you … Continued

Fresh Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Brighten up your kitchen with fresh, new countertops. You want your kitchen countertops to be functional yet stylish, but you also want that style to complement and enhance the design of the rest of your house. Check out these popular trends and kitchen counter decorating ideas that can bring a fresh look and feel to … Continued

Best Countertop and Cabinet Designs

Choosing the right cabinet and countertop pairing that expresses your unique style can be difficult. There are numerous types of countertops to choose from; just a couple are: quartz, quartzite, butcher block, or a natural stone like a granite countertop, to a bathroom marble. Not to mention the different colors and finishes that can be … Continued

Pendant vs. Recessed Lighting in Kitchens

Lighting is one of the most important functional and aesthetic features in the kitchen. You need enough illumination to cook and entertain but it’s also nice to have control of the lighting to create a different ambiance. Pendant lighting fixtures and recessed lighting fixtures are two common choices for kitchen remodeling projects – for completely … Continued